Features of the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad

Gneiss from the region of Ivaylovgrad is a top choice not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad. Here are some of its most important properties:

Fire-resistance – Gneiss is part of the group of “noncombustible materials” and has the highest A1 level of fire protection according to the EU classification.

Moisture-resistance – It has the highest A1 level of moisture resistance and a high level of tightness. It does not change due to greater exposure to moisture and preserves its parameters in cases of repeated environmental changes.

Cold-resistance – It has a high coefficient of resistance to various adverse weather conditions. It does not crumble as a result of repeated freezing and thawing.

Sound insulation – Gneiss has a high level of sound absorption, which makes it a very good sound insulation material.

Thermal insulation – It has a low coefficient of thermal conduction, which makes it perfect for thermal insulation.

Environmental friendliness – It is environment-friendly, natural material, extracted from quarries in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

Resistance to chemicals – Gneiss has a high level of resistance to concentrations of chemical solutions. It shows resistance to corrosion and substances that cause degradation.

Strength – It preserves its strength even when soaked with water or after being frozen several times. It shows resistance to physical violence and external mechanical influences.

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