Bulgarian house in revival style with Ivaylovgrad gneiss

Stone facings that are durable and insulating external heat and cold

There is no person who has not admired the old houses with stone cladding on the walls. They are beautiful with the natural attractiveness of the stone and stand as a testament to its durability and powerful protection from the weather.

Anyone who has entered old houses with stone walls knows how pleasantly cool it is in summer and how to keep warm in winter. Stone is a natural insulating material used for this purpose for centuries.


ивайловградски гнайс за стена


Use the beauty of natural stones for cladding

You can build attractive and durable stone wall cladding with stone for wall from Ivaylovgrad. Connect the natural beauty of the stone with the nature in the area of ​​your villa or country house. And in the urban environment with natural stone cladding you will create a beautiful accent, diversifying the grayness of the urban landscape. Even the lining of parts of the walls – the plinth, the wall in which the front door is located, gives a new and more beautiful look to the building.


стена с камък


The advantages of gneiss as a facing stone

Unlike marble and granite, which give more solemnity, especially if they have a polished surface, gneiss is universal. Ivaylovgrad gneiss is suitable for lining the walls of a town house, a villa and a country house.


ивайловградски гнайс за облицовка


Gneiss colors for cladding

The colors of the gneiss depend on the minerals it contains. When you make your choice and prefer gneiss from Valmarg Stone, you have a choice between silver gray and golden beige. The gray color contains iron, and the beige-quartz. Both colors are universal and will fit into any environment.


камък за облицовка


Cut stone or polygonal slabs

The choice between the two options depends on the preferences, as well as on whether you prefer to more easily line the walls of the home. The cut plates have a regular shape, and the polygonal ones – with a natural one. Therefore, the arrangement and fitting of polygonal slabs is more difficult and requires more time. On the other hand, the tiles with a natural, irregular shape give the cladding an effect inherent in the ancient Bulgarian houses.


гнайс от Валмарг Стоун


The strength of the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad guarantees durability of the cladding

The gneiss, which is mined in the region of Ivaylovgrad, is extracted from great depth. Therefore, its strength is very high. There is no need to worry that the cladding will start to break or crumble.

Even with extreme changes in temperature, this beautiful Ivaylovgrad stone retains its strength.

Gneiss material is resistant to chemical influences as well as fires.


камък ивайловград за стени


Cleaning, plastering and priming the walls before installing the tiles

Before laying the gneiss tiles for cladding, the wall must be primed. But before that, the wall must be cleaned well, and if there are irregularities, they should be filled with putty. The surface on which the gneiss boards will be glued must be smooth and dry so that the cladding can be firmly fixed.


облицовка с гнайс


Cleaning the gneiss plates from dust

If you have left the gneiss plates outdoors and they are dusty, they should be washed and dried to be clean. This is also important for the strength of the attachment.

When laying the tiles, joints must be left

When laying the tiles, joints of a few centimeters should be left between them. After finishing the fastening of all slabs, the joints are filled with grout.

къща с камък