Some unusual ideas for decorations with Ivaylovgrad gneiss in the garden

The garden is much more than a green area. It is also a place for relaxation at all times, as well as a source of delight for the looks when it is decorated attractively and interestingly. We offer non-standard decoration projects that will shine with originality and the beauty of Ivaylovgrad stone.

гнайс за огнище



Lining of stairs and steps

If your garden is not on level ground, it will certainly have stairs, or combinations of two or three steps. Coat them with stone gneiss. You can put gneiss boards on the cement steps or directly on the ground by molding the steps into the earth. Also lining the side of the steps to get a finished item.


камък за облицовка на стъпала


Build stone panels as parts of walls

You do not need to line an entire fence with decorative stones. Design wall pieces to be lined with gneiss plates. These parts can be one to several meters long, straight, in a semicircle, or broken – in the form of an angle. They can serve as a bar counter, barrier to the seating area, hooks and hooks into them for easy collection of breakfast, lunch or dinner in the garden. Next to such a stone wall you can also form a playground or a fountain with lights.

Sequence of terraces

If your garden is large and on a sloping terrain, you can form two or three terraces in the shape you prefer – rectangular, elliptical, circular. Different corners can be formed on the terraces – for relaxation, play, etc. You will put a beautiful accent on the contours of the terraces with gneiss paving.

Also consider lighting the terraces. It is most economical to install solar luminaires. But if you prefer, you can put moons in the right places.


камък за подпорна стена


Flower beds lined with gneiss by Valmarg Stone

Build crates or even trays of cement in your preferred shape that can be lined with gneiss plates. The natural beauty of the gneiss blends in with the charm of the flowers. If you want to store the flowers inside in the winter, you can put pots in the chests. Or you can fill the flower beds lined with gneiss with soil and plant flowers in them.

Flower beds can also be used as restraints on corners in the garden. They will be even more spectacular if combined with a water facility – flaw, stream, fountain. If you have flaws, arrange the flower beds on both sides. And if you want to enjoy a fountain, let it be centrally located in the composition: surround it with flower beds.

Each element of the garden, depending on whether you are interested in flowers, want to arrange and distribute the garden in parts or turn the sloping terrain into a very comfortable place, will shine with beauty when used for lining and flooring Ivaylovgrad stone. You do not have to contact professional designers. Use your imagination and abilities, and your intuition will tell you how to diversify the garden with beautiful gneiss plates.


камък за градина