Create beautiful landscapes in the garden with Ivaylovgrad gneiss

The yard is not only an open space in which to go for a walk, to sit in open air and enjoy the sun and the good weather. This is also a wonderful field to express our creative abilities, because we can make the yard space uniquely attractive and cozy. The natural stones, especially the gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone, offer a suitable material for decorations.


гнайс от Ивайловград за градината


A path with gneiss tiles

The first thing many will think about is the path. Paving with gneiss tiles is both spectacular and practical. So even if it rained, it is not a problem to go through it. And the arrangement of small stones on both sides of the path, painted with luminescent paint, will turn it into a very spectacular sight in the evening.

камъни за настилка


The fireplace – more spectacular with gneiss cladding

The fireplace is now a mandatory element for every yard. It is suitable for preparing a barbecue, and can become a stylish addition that grabs the eye. Use gneiss, whether your fireplace is shaped like a pit, cladded and shaped with a stone curb or it is a masonry barbecue, covered with gneiss cladding.

огнище с гнайс


A pool or a lake with gneiss cladding

A decorative pool, a lake or a lake cascade, in which to warm water on the sun, will add comfort and beauty in the yard, especially with natural stone cladding, in the golden-beige or silver-gray range of the gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone.

басейн с камъни


Surprise the children with decorative flowers, fruits, animals and other figures from pieces of gneiss

Include the children in the project for beautifying the yard and discuss with them what decorative figures you can build. Colored in appropriate colors, they will amuse not only the children but also the adults. You can get ideas from children’s books.

The flowers, the fruits – such as strawberries, for which the pieces of gneiss are particularly suitable, tomatoes, apples – will be spectacular around the fence, the path, the recreation area, the benches. Create a design of a butterfly or a caterpillar, or arrange pebble by pebble the silhouette of a cat or a dog. And here with a little paint, including fluorescent, you will achieve beautiful decorative figures that will attract and in the dark.

If you have large flowerpots in the yard, you can arrange the figures on the sides of flowerpots, piece by piece.

фигури с камъни


тикли в градината


For the gardeners – signboards from gneiss with inscriptions

The devotees of gardening know how much efforts should be made to grow beautiful flowers or a good harvest. For more order in the garden and for ease of the children put next to any section or bed a gneiss tile with an inscription indicating what flower or what crop is grown there. Children will feel like in an exotic botanical garden and with the inscriptions they will learn new things about the flowers and the crops you are growing.

There are many ideas for realization with the help of Ivaylovgrad gneiss – a garden creek, a fountain, an artificial waterfall, a bridge, a water fountain, benches, tables, borders and more – with the help of which you can create a unique and beautiful landscape in your garden.

приложение на гнайса