Ivailovgrad gneiss for interior walls

More and more people are looking for out of the box decisions for an original look of the home, especially of the interior. The walls with wallpapers or decorative plaster are now often seen and not the least modern as a layout. The natural materials are in the center of attention, since each of them is trying to bring part of the beauty of nature, mighty and powerful, in different nooks of the home.


In addition to the stone pavement, which brings us to the past and guarantee quality, creating attractiveness for the interior, we will offer you also revetment for the wall with Ivailovgrad stone for the walls of the rooms.


The interior walls are a background, which needs to be used, to create unique atmosphere, predisposing both the family and the guests.



гнайс за интериорни стени

Revetment of the walls with stone slabstones or cuttings


Choose facing stone, which is offered by Valmarg Stone, and revet the walls in home with polygonal slabstones. Its natural form is one of the advantages, with which you can build a beautiful background for example in the living room. If you have a limited budget, this is the first room, whose walls revetment is worth doing. Isn’t most of the family spending most of their time there!


The polygonal slabstones are with thickness between 1.5 and 4.5cm. The natural forms create some difficulties in the arranging, but you can combine them with cuttings or with gneiss bones, to create impressive combinations. For the walls are suitable also small niches, in which you can arrange everyday objects. Outline the niches with a row of gneiss bones. You can also build in a mirror, whose framework can also be from gneiss bones.


With gneiss cuttings you can also revet the walls, to create beautiful surfaces. The combining and the adding to niches, wooden shelves and hangers is according to your taste. The arranging is easier, since the cuttings are smaller.


Ивайловградски гнайс за облицовка

A stone revetment in the different rooms


You can revet either all walls of the living room or just one of them, which can serve as an accent. Usually, this is the wall, on which is set the TV. You can form a framework of bones around the place where you plan to hang the TV. Under it, you can form a niche, which you can also outline with bones. The cuttings and the bones are very suitable for revetment of columns, so if you have columns inside home, cover them with revetment of the one, two or four sides.


ивайловградски камък за стени

In the bedroom, you can revet either the wall behind the bed, or the walls on both sides of the bed. Put the wardrobe across from the bed, and the dresser and side-table, if you have such, in front of the faced walls. If you are followers of the minimalistic furnishing and your bedroom only have a bed and a wardrobe, the faced walls will only catch your eye with their absolute glamour. It’s not necessary to add anything to them. When you revet them with gneiss from Valmarg Stone, they will shine in golden-beige or silver-grey, in dependence of which color of the offered gneiss material you will choose.


With Ivailovgrad gneiss you can also revet the walls in the corridor. Also here you can think about niches and wooden hangers, so that you combine only natural materials.


And in the children’s room together with the children think if instead of a whole revetment won’t it be more suitable to create figures, which can be of choice of the little habitants of the room. They can ever underline the figures, which you can cover with decorative stones after.



облицовъчен камък