Why choose Ivaylovgrad gneiss

What is gneiss

This is a rock with a diverse composition that determines its color. Gneiss rocks are common, including in the area of Ivaylovgrad, where Valmarg Stone mines its products.

естествени камъни от гнайс

The attractive structure and texture of gneiss

The attractiveness of gneiss as a decorative stone for claddings and floorings is due to the coarse structure of the rocks and the streak texture. This is typical for the gneiss rocks in the Eastern Rhodopes.

The surface of the gneiss rocks

The surface of the gneiss rocks is rough and nonslip. This makes the gneiss products, offered by Valmarg Stone, universal for all applications, both for exterior – for claddings, masonry and decorative elements, as well as for the interior.

Гнайсовите плочи за настилки

The advantages of Ivaylovgrad gneiss

The advantages of the gneiss, mined in the area of Ivaylovgrad by Valmarg Stone, make it sought-after product not only in the country but also abroad:

  • first, as we already mentioned, the surface of the gneiss slabs is non-slip, which makes it especially suitable for floorings
  • Valmarg Stone offers a variety of gneiss products for different purposes – paving stones and slabs, as well as cuttings and bones for glitz masonry
  • gneiss products are available in two universal colors – golden-beige and silver-gray which suit any exterior and interior
  • due to the high hardness and wear resistance of Ivaylovgrad gneiss the constructed masonry, floorings, decorative elements and more will retain their appearance for a very long time, for decades

What is the reason for the resistance of the gneiss products, mined in the area of Ivaylovgrad

In general, the natural stones have excellent strength and resistant to external impacts, climate changes, etc. But the stones that are extracted at a depth, are more stable, less breakable, unlike the stones that are extracted by the layers of the surface.

Ivaylovgrad gneiss products, mined by Valmarg Stone, are from fields located at a great depth. This is the secret of the excellent quality of Ivaylovgrad gneiss, offered in the assortment of the company.

гнайсови скали

Ivaylovgrad gneiss – an ecological choice

Gneiss is a natural product and therefore can be fully recycled. This is especially important in the modern world where we are surrounded by artificial materials.

First, by choosing the natural charm of Ivaylovgrad gneiss, you will bring greater naturalness in your home. This will affect your quality of life.

Secondly, but equally important, when you are planning cladding or flooring, or construction of decorative elements with gneiss products by Valmarg Stone, you will avoid environmental pollution. Even if after time you decide to replace the cladding, flooring, etc. with new ones, the gneiss slabs, pavers, cuttings, bones will not pollute the environment. They can be fully recycled – you can offer them to your friends, relatives, etc. for exterior and interior applications.