Gneiss from Ivailovgrad in combination with metal and glass for the living spaces at home

Stone was not only used as the main building material but also as a tiling and flooring material. Today, when the use of natural materials has become more and more popular, its combination with metal and glass, the use of which is trendy, has become a popular choice. You don’t have to line entire walls with stone if you are not prepared for such a big change or if you have a more limited budget. You may add tiling in stripes or create gneiss corners in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – these rooms will become unique with the right tiling at the right places. Flooring installed in a corner of the room is also quite effective.

гнайс от Ивайловград


Here are some ideas for corners tiled with gneiss from Ivailovgrad that draw attention from the very first moment. Combined with glass and metal decoration and elements, all solutions for corners of the interior will bring freshness and variety.

Tiling in stripes for the walls

So many elements at home would effectively stand out by adding two vertical or horizontal stripes of decorative stones! We will list some of them:

  • Two vertical stripes, for example, gneiss clippings, on both sides of the mirror or TV;
  • Two vertical stripes on both sides of the niche for firewood next to the fireplace – you will give a more unique look by creating a ceiling-height niche with gneiss stripes from floor to ceiling;
  • Two vertical stone stripes on both sides of the fireplace;
  • Two horizontal stone stripes at the bottom and top of the back of the kitchen countertop, back of the sink, etc.


ивайловградски гнайс за стена


Kitchen island          

This standard, boring at first glance element of the kitchen can also become extraordinarily attractive. Think about tiling its sides which are not as large or creating horizontal stripes from gneiss from ValMarg Stone at the bottom and top. The kitchen island’s countertop also offers opportunities to put your tiling ideas into practice. We have to highlight the fact that gneiss is a strong material that is water-proof, making it very suitable for countertop tiling by using this tiling stone.


естествен камък за облицовка



Tiling the wall behind the stove

This is a good place to use gneiss stone from Ivailovgrad. Modern wood-burning stoves are typically made from metal and glass that will contrast with the everlasting beauty of the stone.


гнайс за стена



Tiling the wall behind the staircase

This idea can be well implemented on staircases from metal and glass and here the principle to follow is to create contrast between new materials and natural stone that has been used for its beauty over the centuries. Glass allows seeing the stone surface so that you and your guests enjoy the beauty of the stone.


камък Ивайловград за стена


Bathroom – stone niches

The strength and other qualities of gneiss make it a very suitable material for the bathroom. Create niches tiled with gneiss to place detergents or candles that light up while you are bathing.


камък за стена



For those who like non-standard interior solutions

The unusual design that combines rooms, for example, a bath in front of the fireplace in the living room or in the bedroom benefits from the use of Ivailovgrad stone tiling. Add tiling around the fireplace and combine with tiling on the bath or build the bath itself from cement and add gneiss tiling.


облицовъчни камъни