For Express Orders in Smaller Quantities

транспорт на гнайс по СпидиValmarg Stone Company has an exclusive partnership with Express Courier Service Speedy.

Hence, after customers purchase gneiss stone from us, we can organize its transportation (on their behalf) to different points in the country.

Within 3 working days, delivery will be executed.

The quality of the stone is guaranteed.

The offer, which includes the price of the gneiss along with its transportation costs, is considerably more lucrative than what you would have to pay if you were to buy gneiss from resellers and traders in other cities of the country.

Transportation of Larger Quantities

товарене на гнайсValmarg Stone works in partnership with a number of shipping companies. We can offer our customers favorable conditions for the supply of gneiss, purchased from us, to different parts of the country and abroad.

The client is only required to indicate the address, where the order should be delivered and without any additional commitments to us, the purchased stone will be transported to the exact location.

We are committed fully to the organization of loading and transporting the ordered goods.

In general, there are great possibilities available for negotiating more favorable prices for the transportation of gneiss; given that we are located at a key point – the international road, connecting Bulgaria with Greece and Turkey, the traffic of cars is great.

Trucks without any trailer can carry about 10-12 stone pallets at a price of 1.50 euro per kilometre.

Trucks with a trailer can take up to 22 pallets at a price of 2.00 euro per kilometre.

When the transportation distance is large and there is more than one transportation course, the driver makes a discount.

In cases where the course is reversed, extra arrangements can be made which further drops the price significantly.

Calculated in figures, the cost of gneiss plus transportation, organized by Valmarg Stone, is more profitable than any other offers!

Изпратете запитванеPlease, to place an order, do not hesitate to visit our contact page or contact us via the inquiry form.