Facing with natural stone slabs on external walls

The exterior cladding puts the final emphasis on the home, so it is important to choose a beautiful and durable material. The choice of facing stone from the company Valmarg Stone guarantees you an attractive facade that delights the eyes with the charm of the natural material.

Oблицовка с плочи от естествен камък


How to process the base – the walls before laying the cladding

In order for the Ivaylovgrad gneiss cladding boards to remain firmly attached to the walls, the base itself must be well treated. Here we will first look at how the base is processed.

The base must be pre-cast and reinforced. This achieves strength, and with a solid base, the cladding boards also stick very tightly.

естествен камък на външни стени


Treatment of the base when applying insulating material

When thermal insulation such as fiber or other material is placed on the walls, this is an additional advantage for insulating the interior of the home. After mounting the insulation boards, it is mandatory to install reinforcement and to fasten the boards with dowels. Thus, the base on which the facing slabs gneiss from Ivaylovgrad will be attached will become very strong.

What kind of gneiss material to choose for cladding the exterior walls

For the exterior cladding with gneiss you can choose polygonal slabs or cut stone. The choice depends on whether you prefer to more easily arrange the tiles – then the cut stone is more suitable, or you want to achieve the effect of cladding of antique houses – then it is appropriate to stop at polygonal tiles that have a natural shape.

Both types of material are in two colors – golden beige and silver gray. Choose the color you like and fit into the exterior.

Polygonal cladding tiles are 1.5 to 4.5 cm thick. They are attractive in their natural shapes, but you will have to spend more time to fit them. 


Полигоналните плочи за облицовки


The cut stone slabs are of free length. We offer you in two variants of thickness – from 1.5 to 2.5 cm and from 2.5 to 4.5 cm. We also offer several variants of width – 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 cm.



Плочи рязан камък


 Bonding of facing tiles

You must use cement-sand solution to secure the tiles. Mixtures of the two materials, which are available in specialty stores, often contain various additives to improve the properties of the combination of cement and sand. With this combination, the highest quality of fastening is achieved. Cement-sand mixtures are suitable for both exterior cladding and interior cladding.

Quality cement-sand mixtures are resistant to temperature changes and high humidity.

In order to be able to achieve good adhesion of the facing slabs Ivaylovgrad stone with the base, the mixture must be applied at least 60% of the back of each facing slab. In addition, when working outdoors, as in the exterior wall cladding, the solution should be applied both on the cladding slabs and on the substrate.


лепене на на облицовъчните плочи


 Line the walls after the thermal insulation and after the flooring around the building

An important rule to follow is to first insulate the walls if you are planning such insulation. You also need to lay the pavement around the building. Then start lining the exterior walls.