6 ideas for using natural stones for your swimming pool

Natural stone for building an original swimming pool

A swimming pool is a preferred place for relaxation, cooling down and enjoying fun and games. This is why more people are choosing to build one in their outdoor space. But in order to make it a, even more visually attractive part of your exterior design, Valmarg Stone recommends that you use natural stone as a material to use for your pool.


естествен камък за басейн

The benefits of using natural stone for the making of swimming pools

Apart from being a place where you can enjoy swimming and relaxation, the swimming pool is a central part of your exterior design.  By using natural stone to make it, you will bring the natural charm of Mother Nature to your garden. You can use the natural stones from Valmarg Stone to build benches, as well as tables by the poolside in order to create a perfect finish to your outdoor relaxation space.

Natural stone is not only beautiful but it is a very durable and strong material which makes it perfect for building a swimming pool.

Apart from that, with natural stone you can create a unique original design which will make your swimming pool one of a kind.


 ивайловградски камък за басейн

  1. Natural stone from Valmarg Stone for building swimming pools and the poolside areas

You can use polygonal slates or cut stones  both for making the swimming pool as well as to make the benches and tables around it.  The polygonal slates have a natural form and can be more difficult to use for the swimming pools, but the cut stone is very suitable for the cladding of the pool.

The polygonal stones can be used for making the tables and benches for the poolside area. Combined with a stone path leading from your home to the pool, this special outdoor area will bring a rustic and antique look to your outdoor space.


гнайс за облицовка на басейн

  1. The shape of the swimming pool

The shape you choose for your swimming pool depends on the space you have available. Even the smallest space can be used for building a swimming pool. The shape does not need to be necessarily rectangular. Depending on the space available, and your own personal taste, you can make a triangle or oval swimming pool instead. The non-traditional shape will make your pool and the area around it even more original and unique.


басейн с камъни

  1. Add some streams which will fill up your pool

For an even more naturalistic touch, you can add some streams which flow into the pool, or with a small fountain. The sound of the flowing water will add to the freshness and will predispose for full relaxation around the pool in your garden.  You can use natural stone from Valmarg Stone to build the slopes and the fountain.


тикли за басейн

  1. A stairway from your back door to the swimming pool in your backyard

If your swimming pool is in your backyard, you can clad the stairs leading from your backdoor down to the pool. You can use natural stone to shape the stairway, which can end with a few steps under the water or reach the pool bottom depending on your preference.


настилки с камък около басейна

  1. If you want to renovate an existing old swimming pool and create a new modern one

If you already have a swimming pool and want to renovate it, the high quality natural stone from Ivaylovgrad offered by Valmarg Stone is the perfect, indispensable material to use. You can use it to refurbish the cladding and bottom of your pool.  If you want, you can keep the shape of your swimming pool, but if you want to create a new and more unique form, now is the time to add a modern and unique accent to your outdoor area.


облицоване стените на басейна

6. Install a ready-made water fountain in your outdoor area made of natural stone

If you have a limited budget, you can install a ready-made fountain in an area shaped with natural stone, instead of spending more money on building streams and a fountain. Add some beautiful flowers and plants, and you will end up with you own original rock garden.


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