Design of the yard and garden with greenery and natural slabstones

The usage of  of greenery in the yard and the garden is obligatory. That way we get to liven up the exterior and we can use a talent  to group the plants so we can achieve an impressive effect. When we add paths and nooks  from natural stone, this is another premise for achieving a natural beauty, which you can add up to as you arrange the plants, paths, nooks


кътове от естествен камък


Cover the disadvantages of the area

Another advantage  of the match greenery and slabstone like gneiss from Valmarg Stone is the opportunity to cover some of the exterior’s disadvantages. For example you have a slant place in the garden, because there starts a hill?

Cascadingly planted flowers and steps from Ivailovgrad slabstones  will transform that slant area , which probably irritates you in an attractive place for walks and relaxation. Or your yard includes a hill – this an excellent place for making a stream, waterfall or other water attraction and you can even plant around some flowers step-like, like rings


гнайс от Валмарг Стоун


For differentiating between the rings you can use cheap natural stone – cuttings, known also as gneiss bones.

Excellent opportunity for making a beautiful nook is also the pit, which at first sight you probably cannot find it an application. Faced with natural slabstones,  it will be transformed in a small pool. Besides it you can arrange a relaxation nook – with stone benches and a table.

How do you start

In all cases you have to plan your project first. That way you can estimate how much and what materials will you need. Besides that you have to foresee how will you pass water to a pool or waterfall, if you want to build such attractions.

How will you arrange the elements so that they don’t mix with the systems and the pipelines.

The drain pipes can flood the flower-bed, if you arrange it too close to some of the pipes.

You have to estimate yourself whether building of the pool, the paths with pavement slabstones and the other elements will ensure that you have an easy access if an inspection or repairs are needed

It is also important that the location of the greenery and the nooks for relaxation do not disturb the view of the street or the seacoast if you have it.


камъни за настилка

When choosing the plants take in consideration where is and where it isn’t shadowy

Some plants may grow well in the shade, but others need lots of sun. Choosing a particular types of plant, estimate whether the place in the yard, where you’ll plant it will ensure it enough sunlight or shade.

Using the greenery to deafen the noise from passing transport means

If the house is at place, where there often pass cars for example at a central street or at the entrance or the exit of the village, even planting some bushes will help you lower the noise, so it’s not so annoying.


декоративни камъни


And of course, you have to make a special children’s nook

This is a wonderful place for the kids, that’s why you need to put special efforts in its making. The sand pit is obligatory and besides it make sure to add swings and a slide. There must be a grass playground for a tent or doll house.

For attractions for the kids, you can use old tyres – they are soft and won’t harm them