Uses of the natural cut stones

If you want to add a more natural look and feel to your home or garden, the natural stone is irreplaceable. It is universal and can be used everywhere, and also it comes in different shapes and sizes.

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Different shapes of natural stones

  • Natural – polygonal
  • Cut stone
  • Cuttings from gneiss
  • Stone cuttings
  • Masonry
  • Paving stones from gneiss

If you have decided to use natural stone, you must do some research regarding the most suitable shapes of the stones for your specific project.

Characteristics of natural cut stone

This is a universal type of stone, because it is cut in pieces with a width of 10,15, 20, 25 or 30 cm and a thickness of 1.5 – 2.5 cm and 2.5 – 4.5 cm. The length can vary depending on the natural length and size of the original stone fragment. This is the type of natural stone offered by Valmarg Stone. Apart from that, the Company offers gneiss which is sold in blocks with a width of 40 or 35 cm, a thickness of 3-5 cm and with varying length.

The colors of the natural cut stone are golden-beige or silver-gray

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Benefits of the natural cut stone

Unlike the polygonal natural stones which have uneven shapes and forms which makes them more difficult to use for making wall facings, the natural cut stone is offered in tiles with even shapes. This makes it much easier to use for floors, walls or other surfaces.

Price of the natural cut stone

In comparison to the unprocessed polygonal stones, the cut stones have a higher price, because of the cutting and processing they require. But the comfort they provide when making a facing or flooring is absolutely worth the price.

Uses of the natural cut stone

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The natural cut stones are suitable for tiling floors and for wall cladding. They are offered in universal neutral colors, which also contribute to the natural appeal of the material.

The gneiss from the Ivaylovgrad region is especially suitable for wall cladding and flooring. This is due to the fact that not only is it attractive, but this stone has extra strength and endurance in temperature changes, which is a guarantee for the strength and good appearance of the facing or flooring for a longer time.

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Use of natural stones for ponds

You can use the cut natural stone tiles for a natural looking bottom layer for your garden pond, and you can add some big and small natural stones to your pond as well.

Natural stone for your garden ground or path

When landscaping, you need to keep in mind that the ground flooring or paths have to endure all the walking as well as the weather changes, rain and snow. This is why for outdoor use we recommend that you choose gneiss blocks which have a greater thickness. Another benefit of gneiss is its rough surface which will minimize the risk of slipping. You should research whether you will be able to use the flooring on your particular outdoor surface.

Usually, gneiss is picked for flooring because of its competitive pricing as compared to other materials used outdoors.

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Other uses of natural cut stone for the interior and exterior

The natural cut stone, especially gneiss can be used for a variety of facings and floorings inside and outside – in rooms, corridors, floors, etc. The durability of the material makes it a preferred choice for those who want longer lasting and good looking floorings and claddings.

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How to recognize if the gneiss is of high-quality

High-quality gneiss is not crumbly and it can’t be broken easily. Its texture can vary from rough to quite fine.