Maintenance of natural stone flooring

How to maintain the natural stone flooring is important information that will help us maintain its attractive appearance. In order to be durable, such flooring must be well sealed with a suitable coating, which must be renewed periodically – preferably once a year.


Поддържане на настилка от естествен камък



Slabs for gneiss stone flooring Ivaylovgrad, in golden beige or silver gray, give beauty to any home, in the interior and outside – in the yard, in the garden, in the recreation area. Take care of them and you will enjoy their attractive appearance for many years.

If you are about to renovate your home or lay flooring in a new home, learn the right way to care for the stone flooring.


Sealing of the newly laid pavement

Any pavement must be protected from the action of water, especially in areas where it is alkaline or contains minerals. This type of water easily forms stains on natural stone slabs.

In the garden in the places for relaxation and cooking with barbecue it is inevitable to spill even small amounts of products.


That is why it is important to protect the new flooring with a sealing coating. It fills the pores in the stone and does not allow spilled products to penetrate the stone.

We advise you to avoid a sealing mixture with a glossy effect, as this will not highlight the natural beauty of the material.

Choose a matte sealing compound that should be applied once a year to ensure continuous protection of the flooring. Entrust the selection and application to specialists and contact Valmarg Stone for assistance.

If you want to do the sealing yourself, provide yourself with rollers and brushes to apply the coating, as well as enough time to apply it carefully without rushing.


запечатване на настилка от гнайс


Maintenance of outdoor flooring in winter

During the winter the pavement is exposed to snow. When it snows, clean immediately or as soon as possible to prevent thawing and then freezing of melted snow in ice. This will protect the pavement from moisture penetration and frost to ice.


Поддържане на настилка от гнайс през зимата


Cleaning of stone pavement

The pavement made of Ivaylovgrad stone should be cleaned regularly from dirt – dust, leaves and others. This will not retain a coating of contaminants on the surface, which can form stains.

If stains do form, you should carefully choose a detergent. Look for detergents that are especially recommended for natural stone flooring. Whatever chemicals you use, rinse the application site as quickly as possible so as not to damage the surface from their long action. If you are not sure that you will succeed, it is better to use the services of a professional cleaning company. After cleaning the stains, you will probably need to apply a sealing coating again.

Remember! Ivaylovgrad gneiss is extremely resistant to all chemical and mechanical impacts. It is not damaged by the use of salt in winter, unlike other flooring.


Почистването на каменна настилка


Replacement of individual plates

If any of the flooring tiles need to be replaced, this will be easy, as one of the great advantages of this type of flooring is that it consists of individual elements. It is especially easy to replace stones that are not fixed with cement or other adhesives. Carefully remove the plate to be replaced so that the adjacent plates are not chipped or scratched.

Maintaining the flooring of natural stones requires effort that is worth it, because the beauty of the natural material gives beauty to the entire interior or exterior. Rely mainly on specialists when it comes to sealing and cleaning stains to maintain its integrity and attractiveness.


Подмяна на отделни плочи от каменна настилка