Fence of Stones

Many people would choose a fence of stones for their yard as an installment, which reflects the natural features of the area, and it is also easy to maintain. It is becoming increasingly popular, as we all strive to use natural materials for the composition of our home and yard. However, is the creation itself easy?

ограда от камъни

Is It Easy to Build a Fence of Stones?

It sounds easy, but in practice it takes quite some time, up to a few days. The reason is that natural stones should be arranged in such a way, based on their shape, that they create the impression of a stone wall of an old rural house. Often the reason to select a fence from natural stones is for aesthetic purposes, and in many cases you would the fence to act as a retaining wall to hold the soil or to create soil levels.

What you Need to Know to Build a Fence of Stones Without Problems that will Remain Solid:

  • At first, while working with stones for masonry, please, remember that they are heavy and if they fall on your feet, they can seriously hurt you.
  • To avoid excess fatigue and pain the back, please, use a trolley to carry the stones.
  • Before you start the installation, please, define a plan, so that you know in advance how you want the finished fence to look like.

The Process of Creation:

  • Please, first put the pegs that will highlight the lines of the fence. Then, please tie them with a string – they will provide the rough outlines of the fence.
  • Then, please, create a deep enough trench. The rule is that it should be a bit wider than the stones themselves.
  • Then, please, fill it with gravel and afterwards, level it. The subsequent alignment should be done very well so that it provides stability and durability of the fence.
  • When you start to place the rocks, place them in a way that fit very well together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The rule is to start with the largest stones, and then to place large, medium and small stones. To fit more easily, you can shape them with a chisel and a hammer.
  • When building the fence, please, create a slope on the fence at the back. For this purpose, each subsequent layer of stones must be placed about 2 cm further from the other. In that manner, the fence would be able to resist gravity and remain upright.
  • Finally, after you have reached the desired height of the wall, please, place the big rocks at the top. It is better if these stones are facing upward with the flat side to achieve the completion of the fence.

The creation of a fence of stones may very well be combined with the creation of stone paving in the courtyard, for which cut gneiss or polygonal plates are used.

The next video shows how to build a stone fence.