Combining gabions and gneiss to refresh and improve your outdoor space

Gneiss elements used for outdoor decoration are excellent accessories which combine beautifully with the stone flooring and cladding of your outdoor space with gneiss form Valmarg Stone. They are characterized with durability and a natural beauty provided by their golden-beige or silver-grey tones.

If you have a smaller budged planned for redecorating your outdoor space, you can combine gneiss flooring with gabions to form the paths and different sections.


габиони и гнайс

Gabions – compositions made of wire mesh in various forms

The most common use of gabions is for added support by roads and bridges, in which case the wire mesh construction is filled with small or larger stones and other materials.

But wire mesh can be used to create various forms, such as: cubes, cylinders and even animals. You do not need to use them as supportive elements only. You can add them as decorative elements to improve your outdoor space. You can combine them with gneiss pathways and other gneiss elements, which will make the project much more affordable.



Filling the gabions with stones

You can fill the gabions with stones, which do not necessarily need to be expensive. You can gather stones by yourself from the beach or a riverside. For smaller figures made from gabions you won’t need too many stones.


габиони с камъkr

Types of gabions you can make

If you need a supportive wall for an elevated area, then gabions could be the solution for you. After you create the gabion construction you can combine the composition with stones and gneiss curb.

You can use a parallelepiped shaped gabion as a base for a garden table. Use a slate cladded with gneiss as a table top.

To add decoration around trees you can use cylindrical-shaped gabions combined with a curb made of gneiss slates or bones.


Animal figures are a bigger challenge, but for this project you can use additional decorative elements apart from the stones, such as eyes, noses, mouths, etc. for your garden gabion animal. The gneiss flooring around your animal figures will make them stand out and look even better. You can build small benches made of gabions near the animal figures, which will make them a favorite spot for your children


габиони и настилка от гнайс

Make a shed for your car with gabion walls and gneiss flooring

This is another easy project which is not only practical butt will save you money. Make the walls from gabions. The gneiss flooring will ensure sufficient sturdiness and stability, and the gabion walls will provide excellent protection for your car.


стени от габиони

Create a small pond from gabions – it is easy and very impressive

Make a cylindrical gabion with a cavity in the middle in which you can place a barrel or a larger basin in order to make an attractive small pond in your garden.  It will be especially attractive for your children.  You can decorate it with decorative elements and stones in the water, as well as add a decorative gneiss curb and a gneiss path leading to it.  You can add an umbrella for protection from the sun by installing it between the barrel and the gabion.


Предимствата на габионите

The advantages of using gabions

Apart from being affordable, gabions have other advantages too. Due to the fact that they are filled with stones, they will not hold water. Also, if you have made garden benches out of gabions, all you would need to do is to take out the cushions for sitting when you are using them, and then return them back inside, so that in case of rain they do not get saturated with water.


габиони подпорни стени