Stone wonders for your landscape

Striving to diversify the yard and the garden often includes custom design. It is not difficult to achieve, but will be impressive with the gneiss materials offered by Valmarg Stone. We offer you stone that will last practically forever and will not lose its natural beauty. Here are some ideas for stone wonders that you can develop further according to your preferences.

естествен камък от Валмарг Стоун

Stone tiles and curbs

The flooring from tiles for a path to the garden area, as well as pavement on the nook itself, will shine as a creation of nature with gneiss tiles which are of different length. Another option are polygonal plates from the assortment of Valmarg Stone. You can create a scheme, but they will be sufficiently effective if they are located in small distances from each other as in the old Bulgarian yards.

Каменни плочи и бордюри

Ikebanafrom stones

Create your design, combining tiles, cuttings and gneiss pavings from Valmarg Stone. The golden-beige or the silver-gray shade will attract the attention, especially when they are lit by the sun. Add to this attractiveness interesting constructions – create “ikebana”. These may be random combinations, columns, flowerpot stands, additions to the garden relaxation area, which you can use as stands. Combining around trees, flower beds, benches, in the form of curbs or groups of small stone structures allows any decisions.

Include the children – they will be happy to give their ideas. If there are hollows in the constructions, they can put some of their toys there. Let them choose the shape, the shade and to help for the arrangement.

павета от гнайс от Валмарг Стоун

Garden rockery

Create a small model of Alpine landscape, combining stones and flowers. This nook will surely become the jewel of your garden space. Complete with figures of garden gnomes and animals, they will refresh the design.

If you are mountaineers you will surely put your heart into this project. Create a model of a piece of your favorite environment. You can also add a water element, the murmur of which also through a stone spout will attract both you and your guests. Several solar lamps will illuminate the rock garden with soft light when dusk falls.

полигонални плочи от гнайс

Decorative separating wall

The old Bulgarian homes preserved to this day with solid constructions, attract also with their stone fences. Use natural stone from Valmarg Stone for a fence that separates the yard – separates a playground, garden beds, an area for recreation and eating outdoors, or the pool.

каменна ограда

Stone prevents landslide

If you have this problem, surround the flowerbeds with curbs. Gneiss cuttings are in many different forms. Use them as curb – so you will combine the attractive with the useful.

каменни бордюри

Each stone is a unique piece of nature. And in the designs that you will create these stones will become wonders. Use our materials to create stone wonders in your yard and garden.