Usage of Ornamental Stones for Interior Decorations

In the past, it was quite fashionable for apartments to be decorated with wallpapers or paint, resembling stones, bricks or coarse plaster.

Today, people mostly use natural ornamental stones to line walls and other parts of their home. Decorative stones fit really well with glass and wood, which makes them one of the most versatile materials for tiling.

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Using your creativity and imagination, you can incorporate stones in interior designing in endless ways.

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Advantages of Wall Coverings with Ornamental Stone:

  • Unique texture and appearance
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • A choice of color
  • Easy placement and durability

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The most popular stones that are used in interior decorations are: limestone, sandstone and gneiss, which has, undoubtedly, the best parameters.

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Some Useful Advice when Using Decorative Stones in Interior Designing

  • Please, provide good lighting that highlights the texture of the natural stone.

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  • Please, balance the coldness of the stone with warmer materials such as fur, cashmere, fur rugs, fluffy pillows, bedding, etc.

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  • Please, add bright colors like yellow or orange ( and their nuances) to enliven the cold appearance of the

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  • If the room is not big enough, you can add stones only on some parts of the wall in order to create a cosy atmosphere.

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Characteristics of Ornamental Gneiss Stones


Decorative stones for ornamental lining are with thickness of 1,5 to 2,2 cm. They may be found in their natural form (polygonal plates) or further processed (cut gneiss). Clippings can be used for tiling and bones for glitz masonry. Gneiss from Ivaylovgrad is available in two colour shades: silver-grey and golden-beige. Upon further processing of the stone with threshing, its topography amplifies which adds additional shades of colors.

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The most important advantage of natural decorative stones for lining is their longevity: they retain their appearance over the years without changing in any way or losing their beauty.

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