Ideas for porch design using natural stone flooring and cladding

The porch is much more than simply an accessory for your home – it is a peaceful and beautiful oasis

We often enjoy relaxing on the porch especially during the summer and warm autumn seasons. It becomes an even more attractive place to spend our leisure time when it is beautifully designed with gneiss flooring and cladding. The natural eye-catching look of the two available hues of gneiss material offered by Valmarg Stone– silver-grey and golden-beige will add to the beauty of every porch. You can add your own ideas for the use of materials and for the furniture and lighting of your porch in order to create a unique outdoor space which will help you enjoy your leisure time and relax when you are home.



изрезки от гнайс и кокали за облицовки


The flooring and the cladding

Natural materials are the best choice when it comes to the flooring and cladding of your porch, especially gneiss which can be supplied by Valmarg Stone. The gneiss for paving and cladding  is available in lengths of 40 and 35cm. The flooring made of slates with different sizes will resemble the old fashioned style of traditional homes, and can be combined perfectly with wooden furniture such as a large wooden table and chairs. You can also choose osier or cane furniture which too will look great along with the natural gneiss flooring.

For the cladding of the outer wall of your porch we strongly recommend that you use gneiss stone cuttings or Glitz wall stones offered by Valmarg Stone. By combining the gneiss flooring with the wall cladding, along with wooden or other outdoor furniture you will bring an all-natural look to your outdoor space.

Rustic, hunting or minimalist design



облицовката с гнайс

You can easily create a rustic design for your porch by adding some old rugs, traditional pottery or hanging some onions or herbs on the walls. It is a great idea to build a fireplace r barbeque for this type of porch which will allow you to cook and serve the grilled meat and delicious meals directly from the fireplace to the massive wooden table.

If your family enjoys hunting, you can add a hunting trophies and antlers to complement the design of your porch and to impress your guests.

Or you can choose a simple, minimalistic style for your porch with one single centerpiece such a vase on the table or a modernistic painting on the wall. The window on looking to the porch can be turned into a frame by adding contours around it with paint or with gneiss Glitz wall stones.


The ceiling can be designed to complement the look of your porch as well



настилка с гнайс

The porch ceiling can be transformed into an impressive element of the porch with the help of some wooden beams, hanging bells, plants or other hanging accessories. If you are a wine lover you can install wine glass and bottle stands too.


The natural charm of the surroundings


стени от камък

No matter whether you choose to add windows to your porch or to leave it open-air, the view to the surrounding natural objects such as field, trees and hills will add to the charm and will help you relax and enjoy spending time outdoors. An easy variant is to add a curtain or use a screen for glazing. Choose the option which you like most and you can always enjoy the view by moving the screen or opening the curtain. Open the glass doors and let the fresh air and the smell of the flowers and the grass in!


The lighting on the porch


настилка с камък

The lighting shouldn’t be too intrusive, so choose LED lighting or lamps installed in the floor or ceiling. You can use carious combinations of different types of lighting, including candelabras and torches as well.