Natural wall stone – gneiss from Ivaylovgrad

The beauty of natural stone is unmatched. It will make your home attractive with natural charm, so we offer you few ideas for its use – for facades, interior and exterior walls, fences. With Ivaylovgrad gneiss from Valmarg Stone your home will acquire the look of the traditional Bulgarian houses that even now fascinate both Bulgarians and foreigners visiting the ancient reserved areas of Bulgarian cities.

Естествен камък за стена

Ivaylovgrad gneiss walls – a long-term solution

Built centuries ago, the traditional Bulgarian houses still stand and strike with strength and beauty, thanks to the stone from which they are constructed. So your home, with walls of Ivaylovgrad gneiss, will maintain the strength and look of the walls over the years, practically forever.

Ivaylovgrad gneiss has exceptional strength and durability, so the walls built of this material will not be affected by harsh weather conditions and sudden temperature changes.

стени от гнайс

Maintaining the gneiss walls

To be able to maintain easily the look of the gneiss walls, they must be impregnated with a special detergent. The formed protective layer protects from dirt and mold. Moreover, it will not hide anything from the natural beauty of the gneiss.

Cladding the facade with gneiss stones

Cladding is done during the months with moderate temperatures to ensure good bonding of the base and the stone. The surface for cladding must be cleaned. After priming and drying of the primer for about 6 hours begins the facade cladding with the gneiss stones. They also must be cleaned from dust, it is better to be washed and used after complete drying. They are fixed to the base with cement glue for decorative claddings. A few hours after the cladding the joints must be cleaned too. Then, to protect the surface of the facade from moisture is applied matt lacquer, which is water-based.

стени от гнайс

Gneiss stones fence

And about the fence the sustainability and the strength of the gneiss are big advantages. Here before gluing the gneiss stones, is applied waterproofing solution with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. The glue should be flexible, such as those used for external ceramic claddings. For better adhesion it must be applied both on the base and the stone.

ограда с камък

Gneiss from Ivaylovgrad for cladding of whole interior walls and nooks

Cladding with gneiss stones will give beauty to any part of the house: hallway, living room, kitchen. Besides beauty this material will bring a practical benefit as it has very good insulating properties and the walls will be protected from moisture. And for the interior walls the application of a protective coating is recommended as their surface will not accumulate dust.

гнайс от Ивайлвоград

Besides entire walls you can face parts of them, for example around the fireplace, to create a unique and cozy nook. Cladding with gneiss from the Ivaylovgrad stones around the fireplace also brings you an additional advantage – it is fireproof.