Decorative Cladding with Natural Stones

Lining with decorative stones is a good solution if you seek beauty and comfort. The job is highly specific and requires professional approach but it’s still possible to do it yourself. Such facings allow you to get creative, so that the final result is unique.

гнайс от Ивайловград за облицовка

Natural stones are chosen because of the qualities they posses such as beauty and durability. They are also often preferred since they are not affected by interaction with chemical substances such as acids and do not change color with time.

Decorative Wall Facings

Decorative wall coverings can be created from artificial or natural stones. The stones are suitable for walls in various places:

  • Corridors;
  • Kitchens;
  • Dining Rooms;
  • Living Rooms.

Interior Finishes

Besides for walls, ornamental stones are suitable for many other different surfaces, such as countertops, fireplaces, columns, chimneys, floors etc.

Exterior Decorative Linings

външна облицовка с гнайс

The outer lining with decorative stones will be exposed to numerous climatic changes. Therefore, it is good that you use flexible sticking glue for various indoor and outdoor coverings.

Please, mix thoroughly the adhesive in a bowl of water, possibly with the help of an electric mixer. Then, please, leave it for five minutes to harden and stir it again afterwards. The glue can be applied to both the surfaces of the stone and the base, so that it holds them better.


Application of the Gneiss from Ivaylovgrad in Decorative Finishes

The gneiss from Ivaylovgrad is used extensively for tilings. Its application is possible on:

  • Buildings

This stone can be used for external and internal facing of buildings.

  • Pools

Suitable application of the gneiss is for swimming pools-external and internal.

  • Fences and paths

Tiling of fences, walkways and stone floorings with gneiss from Ivailovgrad is widespread, and the result is impressive.

  • For Interior exterior decoratings, such as over fireplaces, etc.

To be used for lining, natural stones have to be cut into smaller pieces with a thickness between 20 and 40 mm.

шарен гнайс за ограда

Choice of the Appropriate Decorative Stones

When choosing the right stones, please, think of what you want to achieve. The stones, depending on their basic characteristics, have various applications.

For example, if you are about to tile a facade, located outdoors, will need lighter and frost- resistant plates, with the lowest possible coefficient of water absorption.

Fillings of the Joints

Joints between the individual ornamental stones can be filled after the glue has already dried and hardened. 20 mm is their maximum width. They should be filled with flexible grout – that way, the water will stay on the surface and won’t be able to penetrate into the structure of the joints.

Advantages of Tiling with Decorative Stones

Tiling with decorative stones has many advantages, which makes the stones so preferred:

  • Strength

These linings are sturdy and long lasting. This makes them an excellent choice for your home.


  • Uniqueness

The stones vary in size and shape and you can get creative when tiling with them. So, the end result will always be unique.

  • Beauty

The beauty of the ornamental stones brings comfort and warmth to your home

  • Easy maintenance

In addition to being beautiful and resilient, the facings made with decorative stones are easy to maintain. Even with minimal care they will look great for years.