Natural stone bathroom – style and beauty

It has been long since the design of the bathroom is not equated only with faience. Natural materials entered in the interior of the modern bathrooms. Natural stone is a preferred material for the layout of the bathroom. It is a guarantee for achieving an original look because in nature there are no two identical pieces of stone. Another advantage of the natural stone is its durability and endurance to wear.

For centuries marble has been present in the interior, as a material for bathing premises. But the palette of natural types of stone is already expanding, so experiment, choosing the stone that will bring the bathroom style and beauty.

Eclectic Bathroom

The price of the natural stone – one of the selection criteria

The prices of different kinds of natural stone are different. However, if you insist on style and beauty for your bathroom, the higher price will not be an obstacle, if you liked a particular kind of stone.

If you still prefer at all costs to save but to give beauty to your bathroom with natural stone tiles, you should consider that the larger tiles are usually cheaper. Another option for saving is to cover with stone only one wall or a niche, or another sector of the bathroom.

Ozone Extension/Renovation

The advantage of the soapstone

This is a material which is not used much, which is strange. Its maintenance is very easy – just occasionally the surface must be rubbed with mineral oil. Over time soapstone oxidizes and gets darker and richer in color.

Contemporary Bathroom


Limestone is highly porous material and needs to be sealed to avoid stains. But it has its specific advantages: the uniform look and the neutral color. It is very suitable for cladding bathrooms walls.


Cut stone

The color of Ivaylovgrad stone offered by Valmarg Stone is golden-beige or silver-gray. Cut stone tiles vary in length, which will also give more natural look when cladding.

grassy creek


Ivaylovgrad gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone is also in golden-beige or silver-grey color. You can buy polygonal gneiss tiles which keep the natural appearance of the material. The tiles are sorted according to thickness and size, as well as by color, so you can easily find the type that you need.

You can choose thinner stones for cladding the walls. Thus they will not be heavy. If the wall area is larger you can choose larger stones, and if you are cladding a smaller area the stones must be smaller.

With polygonal tiles you will give authenticity and style of the bathroom. If you have a talent for drawing and combining, you can create compositions of shapes or individual shapes using smaller tiles.
Баня от естествен камък

Glitz stone for bathroom walls cladding


Another spectacular choice that will give an original look of your bathroom is glitz stone offered by Valmarg Stone. This is battered gneiss. As a consequence of battering, on the front side is obtained an attractive relief with which the color shade of the stone components shine with all their richness.
Глиц камък

It is very important to choose quality gneiss to provide a style of the bathroom

Valmarg Stone recommends you to be careful when choosing gneiss. The stone tiles which you buy must have smooth sides – smoothness is a sign of quality of the gneiss.