Arch with natural stone for entrance or yard gate

Arch of natural Ivaylovgrad stone reminiscent of natural arches of ancient buildings and even ancient caves. Nature was the first to give the idea of ​​an arch to meet at the entrance, with the entrances of the caves in which the ancients were sheltered. Later, using this idea, people began to build arches with the correct shape. In buildings built by people in the past, arches were a sign of the entrance and great attention was paid to their layout. Remember the aqueducts, which include many arches – they attract attention not only with the durability of these ancient structures, but also with the attractiveness of the arches.


Арка с естествен камък


Today, above the entrances to buildings and above courtyard doors and gates, the arches are a beautiful element with which we can give a unique look to the exterior. The construction or cladding with natural stone is important for additional attractiveness.


облицована с гнайс арка


Choose the materials for the arch

Depending on the budget you have, you can also choose the materials. You can use bricks or Ivaylovgrad stone material – gneiss in silver gray or golden beige. You can also build a concrete arch. The gneiss cladding from Ivaylovgrad is the finishing component that creates the beautiful look of the finished vault.


Арка с камък за вход



It is better to build the arch of brick or concrete to make it more durable, and then to line with polygonal gneiss slabs. And the budget option with which you will achieve a beautiful cladding is with bones or gneiss cuttings. These small stones are very easy to arrange, while with polygonal slabs you have to fit the uneven dimensions. For the small sections at the end, you will need bones and clippings to fill them. Consult the specialists from Valmarg Stone for the quantities you need to provide.


гнайс за каменна арка


Decorative arch in the yard or in the interior

You can build an arch as a decorative element in the yard. An Arch is very beautifully combined with a stream flowing under it. This can be a decorative part of a place for relaxation and dining in the garden. The arch does not have to be large when used as a decoration. You can also build a lower and narrower arch, according to the size of the area in which you will fit it.


каменна арка на портата


The small arch is also an eye-catching and charming decorative element, for example above a niche in the living room or above the kitchen counter. The window in the hallway, living room or kitchen is also a suitable place that will stand out under an arch of gneiss material. You can combine the arch of gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad with a living area with pottery and wooden accessories on a wooden shelf.

Choose the place where the insertion of such an arch will suit, according to the design of the home and according to your preferences.




Decorate the door to the yard or entrance with an additional arch

You can also build an arch over the front door or the courtyard door, forming an arch at the top. You must take into account that the arc must be stable, so consult with experts what to use for a solid structure. It is especially important to make calculations and ensure stability if the arch is wide.


чертеж на арка


Specialists know the basic requirements for arches – not to exert so much pressure as to form openings in the lines of connection of stones or other elements; in addition, the pressure must not cause the building elements to slip.


изграждане на арка


Both for the construction of an arch over a door as an additional element, and for the construction of a complete arch structure, especially if it is not small and decorative, we recommend that you turn to specialists who will calculate the dimensions and offer you a stable structure. A gneiss cladding by Valmarg Stone will give a beautiful and finished look to the arch.