Gneiss stone basins for your outdoor sink

Stone has traditionally been used in Bulgarian homes, and its popularity is growing, especially for outdoor use. The possibilities for the use of this durable material are many, and it brings a natural beauty and traditional outlook for the exterior. Today we would like to present you our ideas for making a stone basin for your outdoor sink for your garden.


каменно корито за чешма

The comfort which the stone sink provides

A basin is one of the main components of an outdoor sink. It collects and drains the water and protects the surrounding ground from mud and water. You can use the outdoor basin to cool your drinks or watermelons in the summer, as well as for soaking and washing dishes and other things. It is not surprising that traditionally the outdoor sinks in Bulgaria all have basins. You can still see such stone basins in mountain towns and villages where everybody can enjoy a fresh drink of natural spring water at all times. Towns and villages which have stone basins attract all visitors who almost always choose to take photos near them.



корито за външна чешма


The material for the basin

The material used for making the basin must be durable and beautiful. This is why we offer that you use carved stone from gneiss from Valmarg Stone. We offer gneiss stone in two hues: golden-beige and silver-grey which both are very attractive and can be combined with all other elements of your outdoor space.

The durability of gneiss is well known. The qualities of Ivaylovgrad gneiss include reliable durability and weather resistance in temperatures with big amplitudes. The sturdiness of the stone is due to the fact that it includes granite which ensures added strength and resistance to mechanical effects. This will ensure longevity for the basin you order.



естествено каменно корито


The shape of the basin

The shape of the basin depends on the space you have and the form and size you prefer.

In the past the traditional basin form which was preferred was rectangular, because it provides more space for soaking washing and for drinking water for the cattle. Nowadays you can choose any form you want for your basin including: square, oval or semicircular.



каменно корито от гнайс


Additional cladding of the basin

You can clad your basin with cut gneiss stone  to make its design even more attractive. In order to create an entire outdoor area around the stone basin and sink, you can also use gneiss to make benches, a table as well as a fire pit. This will quickly turn into your favorite place to spend the summer days and evenings with your family.

If you are looking for a more original and interesting design, you can place the basin on top of one or two layers of gneiss stone. This will create an amphitheater-like form with differently spaced layers – the top one being the carved stone basin.


The draining of the water

In order to allow for proper draining of the water, you need to have an opening at the bottom of the basin where a drain hole would be connected to the sewer. If you want to fill the basin with water in order to soak something in it, you just need to put a plug in the drain hole.

If connecting the basin drain hole to the sewer is difficult, you can make the drain hole on one side of the basin and connect it to a hose or pipe which will collect the water and will take it to the garden for watering your plants.



корито от дялан камък

Forming the sink, the basin and the entire composition

To complete the design of your outdoor space you can add a curb made of natural stones around the basis of the sink or fountain as well as surrounding the top edge of the basin.