Gneiss board stone for a pool

   The pool in the yard is a convenience. It provides coolness and rest, but it’s even nicer if it’s formed stylishly, with attractive boards. Besides beauty, the boards must also offer convenience and not be with a slippery surface.

To achieve unique design of your pool, to make it beautiful and comfortable, we recommend using gneiss from Valmarg Stone for the boards.



басейн с камък


The Gneiss – A lasting material with a lot of suitable qualities for a board material

The gneiss is a very steady stone. It is weather proof, including very low temperatures. It is not necessary the surface to be processed, to be impregnated or varnished to preserve it.

The rough surface of the gneiss is very suitable for using around the pool, because it isn’t slippery.



бордови камък за басейн


Types of forming the boards  

The forming of the boards is your choice, as well as are the shade and the form, the size of the gneiss slabstones or the element.

First, you have a choice of two shades – golden-beige and silver-grey.

You can use gneiss with width of 35 or 40 cm and free length.

It is very interesting the forming of the boards with gneiss paving-stone. Here you also have choice between classic paving-stones and paving-stones in style antique, with rounded tips. Between paving-stones you can form figures, for example – from gneiss bones.



кокали от гнайс


The Facing with bones – cuttings with thickness to 4cm, length to 40cm and width between 3 and 5cm, gives you the opportunity for different forming, including figures.

You can also combine gneiss slabstones or paving-stones, or slabstones and bones.


кокали от гнайс


The forming of the edges of the boards

The way you’ll form the edge of the pool board depends om what type of gneiss meterial you have chosen.

On the side of the pool is best for the board to be with an even surface. And on the outside you can leave the surface unprocessed. That way you get the effect of a natural stone table, as in the nature. That’s why, often for facing of boards of pools outside are used bones of gneiss, they create uneven and attractively formed surfaces. The gneiss bones are very comfortable for facing or round pools, as they are small and easily arranged.


гнайс за борд на басейн


Lightning, with lamps between the gneiss slabstones or with solar lamps at the end

The lightning is a very effective addition to the attractiveness of the gneiss boards and will stand out the beauty of the stone, when it’s turned on at night.

Locate the lamps between the gneiss slabstones. That way you’ll get lightning of the gneiss structure closely. And if the lightning is turned on at regular intervals, the game of the lights will make the boards even more attractive.

Recently, very popular have become the solar lamps. If you prefer such lightning, locate them closely to the boards, around the pool.

Continuation of the tale of gneiss – a path to the place of relaxation or the home

You can form a whole complex, by matching the gneiss board of the pool with a path of gneiss slabstones to the place of relaxation. On its two sides you can also put lightning – LED or solar lamps.

The other idea is to form a path to the home, paved with gneiss slabstones, also with lightning on the two sides.