A stone fountain – for a cooler garden

A fountain is an excellent accessory both for the outdoors as well as the indoors. It is up to you where you want to set it up. Building a fountain is not difficult. If you choose to place it indoors, the connection to the water pipeline can be easier. As for the outdoors – you can rely on the water circulation by adding electrical powered supply for the circulation. The rest is a matter of design and the choice of a beautiful material. For the latter you can rely on Valmarg Stone.

камъни за фонтан

A pool or a water container

Whether you choose to build a pool, in which the water will pour in, or you choose to use a container hidden in the stone decoration is all up to you.

If you choose to construct a pool, you can use more of the stone decoration which will leave a more lasting impression.


изграждане на градински фонтан

Construction of the fountain base

The main fountain base construction depends on whether you decide to build your fountain indoors or outside in your garden or backyard.

For an indoor fountain you can place the water container on the ground and surround it with a natural stone construction on a concrete basis. Valmarg Stone’s gneiss stones placed on the basis will ensure that the container is stable and beautiful at the same time.

For an outdoor fountain, you need to dig up a hole and cover it with a draining layer on which you should place the container for the fountain. You must dig up a canal for the pipe for the water and connect it to the pipeline network. After that you can proceed to make the beautiful natural stone decoration to cover it.

You need to add a shut-off valve in order to control and be able to stop the water flow to the fountain when needed.

The pump – an important part of the fountain

The pump will ensure the continuous water flow to the fountain cascade. Place the pump in the water container and make sure you make place for the cable which you will plug into the electrical power supply source.

The fountain decoration

The stone decoration of your fountain is entirely up to you. You can create a unique design with Valmarg Stone’s cladding Glitz wallstones which are available in two hues – golden-beige and silver-gray. You can add gneiss pavers to form a unique edging of your fountain. If you want a more antique look – make sure to use the rounded “Antique” pavers.


фонтан от камък

Another option for the decoration of your fountain is to use gneiss pavers if you prefer more symmetrical and even forms.

In case you choose to use a water pool instead of a container, you can use gneiss pavers and Glitz wallstones, or gneiss slates combined with the Glitz wallstone bones.

You can cover the water pipe canal with decoration made of natural stones, to complete the stone decoration of your fountain.


фонтан с гнайс


An outdoor fountain will look even more impressive if you add a few solar lamps. The choice and shape is up to your preferences. This will allow to enjoy your beautiful garden fountain after sunset and in the dark hours, and will make your outdoor space for relaxation even more Zen like and relaxing under the sound of flowing water reflecting the soft light from the lamps.

You can install LED lights for your indoor fountain. There are various options of shapes, types and colors of LED lights which you can choose from. You can also pick where to add the lamps – around the fountain, on its base, or other.


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