Create a nook with natural stones for relaxation outdoors

If your home is near a forest or a hill, a walk in the nature will soothe and refresh you. Trees, streamlets, rocks dotting the path or the space beyond it, merge in a natural picture. The flowers and the trees will offer you a rest for the eyes and the streamlet will soothe you further with its murmur. The relaxation outdoors is incomparable to relax you and banish fatigue.

However, if you do not have the possibility for such walks, you can create a natural nook in the yard. This nook will be at a distance of just a few steps in the yard, or as an extension to the home.

кът с естествени камъни


The role of natural stone in the nook with conditions for relaxation

The natural stone is a naturally created material. It brings the charm of the natural, with colors that you will find in the nature. The gneiss offered by Valmarg Stone products will suggest you options for a porch, a bower in the yard or another area that will become a favorite place for a rest. Whether you will choose polygonal tiles, with natural form or cut stone with few variations of width and free length, the stone flooring, wall or table paneling will bring a solid strength and naturalness in the nook, which you will create.

гнайс от Валмарг Стоун

The advantages of the natural stone

  • The natural stone is the most suitable for flooring in your new nook. This flooring will be distinguished with guaranteed wear resistance.
  • The strength of the walls, built with natural stone, can be found today in the remaining old time houses. This is a suitable material for construction of an additional wall to separate the porch from the yard and turn it into a place to relax in privacy.
  • Choose the easier way to create the effect of stone masonry – with wallstones (bones) for glitz masonry that Valmarg Stone offers in a golden-beige and silver-gray color.
  • This also applies to roofs – if your nook for relaxation is not attached to the wall of the house, but is in the yard, the roof of stone tiles will be solid and stable.
  • The main advantage of natural stone tiles when planning to create a nook for relaxation is that they will bring you back to the old times when the pace of life was not so hectic, people have used stone tiles for paths to the places in their yards where they have gathered for a rest.


Be designers of your nook for relaxation

With the inclusion of the natural stone in the nook for relaxation you can show your design abilities. The natural materials themselves suggest you in what combinations to apply them. You can combine the flooring of the nook with tiles of natural stone from Valmarg Stone, glitz wallstones (bones) masonry and wooden benches and table.

глиц зидария


The creation of a panel of natural stone on the table or on the floor of your nook you will like very much if you have a passion for design and artistic abilities.

Complete the comfort of the nook for relaxation with a fountain – the natural stones will be useful here too for building the pool. Complete with pebbles inside the pool.

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