Retaining Stone Wall

No matter whether it is in one’s own garden, the local park or another place, the retaining stone wall demands respect. Whether its function  is decorative or functional, the bulkhead should be built up properly. The choice of stones is highly important: soft stones or plates are best. In both cases, the gneiss is very suitable.
It is advisable to buy the material from an established company that charges appropriate prices. Company Valmarg stone is an established market leader in the sale of  gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, with years of experience

Decorative or Real Retaining Walls

Подпорна стена на комплекс ПриказкитеIf you want to create a real retaining wall, through which to protect the land mass from landslides, please, consult a specialist for both its appearance and its construction. There are standards for the design of bulkhead walls, depending on the type and material used for building.


What Kind of Material Should be Used
It is advisable to pick homogeneous stones, when creating a retaining wall. The stones should be medium sized or large, so that a better deterrent effect can be created – such are the stones from Ivaylovgrad. Please, remember that sometimes the wall must withhold tones of land mass and whether it will stand for several years or decades depends entirely on the depth of the base and of its construction; of great importance is also the drainage, which is absolutely required. The location of the wall should be appropriate and should correspond to its purpose.


Dry masonry or Masonry with Mortars
подпорна стена с гнайс от Валмарг стоунThe next step is whether the wall will be built with a so-called dry masonry, when a binder is not used or with mortars for masonry. If you want to build it with solution, you should carefully pick it because the wall will be subjected to various weather conditions; to have a long life, the choice of every element is important. One of the advantages of dry masonry is that due to the lack of binding solution, the wall itself turns into drainage. If there is ground water underneath, the wall passes freely through it.



Location of the Bulkhead:
•     terraces that divide  the garden into floors
•    Patio
•     transition to sidewalk
•     fencing the garden path
•    as a fence that separates different properties

подборна стена с камък от ИвайловградIf the wall of an apartment block can be embellished with graffiti, then the retaining stone wall can also enjoy a make-over. This can happen with the help of various plants. You may seek the opinion of a specialist or search on the net for the appropriate plants. A great option include the climbing plants such as Ivy, or plants that, once placed over the wall, start descending down like the cotoneaster. If the wall is decorative, you can leave niches in it, where you can later place pots with plants or actually plant some geranium there directly.


Message of the Wall
No matter whether it is a retaining wall, or a decorative one, whether dry masonry is used or binding solution, the stone wall brings a sense of sturdiness, style, beauty. The natural material always catches the eye. It is better to be safe with a quality material that will guarantee the durability of the wall: it is a creation, that when done well, will stay and be enjoyed by many generations.