A stone fireplace can be on the veranda

The right place for the fireplace in home – not only in the garden but also on the veranda

Traditionally, the barbecue is planned in the yard, in the garden – outdoors. This way you can carry over the cooking and eating the food outdoors. This is an undeniable convenience, but if you do not have a large yard or do not have a yard at all, you have another choice – build a fireplace on the veranda.


барбекю от камък

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Advantages of the barbecue built on the veranda

First of all, this food corner will be closer to the kitchen. If the kitchen windows look out onto the veranda, you can even use the sills as countertops.

In addition, in bad weather – rain and wind, even on cold winter days, it will still be possible and convenient to use the barbecue.

Last but not least, if you put more effort and use natural stone, the fireplace will also be a decorative feature of the veranda.

All these benefits are worth to start the project.


камина от камък

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What natural stone to use for cladding

The beauty of the gneiss – Ivaylovgrad stone, extracted at great depth and known for its strength, makes it a preferred lining. Fill the barbecue with polygonal gneiss plates and you will achieve the effect of the old finishes in Bulgarian homes.

You can also use slices or bones gneiss. These small pieces are easy to arrange and the effect is just as appealing as a barbecue. You can even arrange them into figures.

Order the lining of the fireplace gneiss by Valmarg Stone. It is in two colors – silver-gray and golden-brown. Choose a color that suits the layout of the veranda.

To give a more effective look to the entire veranda, if you have columns on it, face them with gneiss too.


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Construction of a chimney

The chimney should remove the smoke from the baking. In order for it to work well and effectively remove smoke, the chimney must have an opening of at least one third of the light opening of the fireplace.

It will be easier to build this part of the facility by first casting the “hat” and then placing it on the foundation.

For brick construction you can use fireproof ones, but they are required for a fire. When you build the fireplace, you can also put red solid bricks on the side.

It is important to seal the structure well so that the smoke does not escape from sealed cracks.


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Combine the fireplace with a dining area with a table and chairs or benches

It is most convenient to have a dining area – table and chairs, or better table and benches, also on the veranda. But this can only happen if you have enough space. If the veranda is small, in good weather you can arrange an outdoor dining area with a folding table and chairs located near the veranda.


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Plan appropriate lighting

For grilling the barbecue you must have enough light. You must place the lamp in such a place that it illuminates the baking area.

And in the dining area itself, the light may be dimmer to create an airy atmosphere. You can also get that light with solar lamps.


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