How to Build a Pool of Natural Stones for a Day

Dipping into a pool at home during the hot summer days is always a good idea; it adds a sense of the so much desired freshness and coolness to your home.

Here, we would like to offer you a way of to quickly build a beautiful swimming pool in the easiest possible way in your garden, using an old tire (the bigger, the better) and natural stones such as gneiss.

Necessary Materials:

  • an old tire of a truck or a

If you do not have any available, you can find such at places for changing tires at reasonable prices.

  • PVC foil for
  • Natural stones.

We recommend that you use unshaped gneiss –polygonal plates, which are cheaper and will convey a more authentic look of the pool. You can utilize stones left from tiling or flooring in the yard.

Stages of Work

Please, choose the sunniest and most leveled location for the future pool in your garden. If possible, choose a location away from trees to avoid possible polluting of the water.

Please, prepare in advance that place. If necessary, further level it and then, create a concave trough at the spot where the tire will lie.

Parts of the tire must be removed in order for its hole to expand, as shown in the picture.

подготвяне на основата

Then, please, place the PVC film all over the tire; the foil can be purchased from specialized stores for swimming pools. It is important because it will provide the necessary hydro-insulation, to keep the water in your pool.

Place as much foil as needed to grip the tire both from the inside and the outside.

Finally, embed it firmly at the base of the tire, covering the edges with soil or stones.

изграждане на басейн от естествен камък

Once you are done with the placement of the foil, please, proceed with laying the already – chosen natural rock materials. The larger the stones, the more stable the wall will be. It needs to be broader at the foundation and shrinking at the top – this will make it more durable. If you are afraid for the strength of the wall, please, apply dry stone masonry or use grout for soldering of the rocks.

After completing the pool, you can create a little nook for a rockery near it or plant some ornamental shrubs and flowers around.

облицовка с естествен камък

You can build the pool for just one day, and then take your time to enjoy the romance and beauty it brings.

басейн с гнайс

You can create a great place for relaxation around such an artificial pond; it is a great idea to place a bench or a swing around and stay close to the water and its pleasant freshness in the summer heat.