Use gneiss form Ivaylovgrad to create a preferred recreational area

There is a place for spending leisure time in the good weather in any garden or backyard. With an original design, this are will not only be more comfortable, but it will be much more attractive and pleasurable, turning into a preferred spot for recreation. With the help of gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, your outdoor recreational area can shine in one of the two possible shades of the gneiss stones offered by Valmarg Stone: silver grey or golden beige.  You can be sure that it will soon become the top preferred spot for spending hours of fun and rest with your family and friends.


облицоване с естествен камък


Gneiss is very suitable for outdoor cladding and paving

Gneiss has a number of qualities which makes it an excellent option for outdoor cladding and paving.

This material is characterized with its rougher surface which will protect you from slipping even in wet conditions. Apart from that, it is very hard and sturdy which will ensure it lasts for longer. The cladding and gneiss flooring or paving of your porch will maintain their great appearance over the years.


The patio flooring

Design and make your patio flooring in accordance to your taste and preferences. You can use gneiss slates which have varying natural length and go for an antique look, or you go choose gneiss paving instead. We offer rounded antique styled paving, which can be used to create different designs and shapes. You can use gneiss wall stones (bones) to form the curbs at the edges of your patio or porch.


гнайс за настилка

How about several stone booths for your outdoors?

These stone booths are perfect from relaxation, socializing, eating and for other purposes. The booths cladded with gneiss stones will grab everybody’s attention immediately. Forming seats and tables covered with gneiss cladding  is easy and at the same time the end effect is superb.


Build a patio with a fireplace cladded with gneiss slates

The fire pit has been a preferred garden and outdoor element forever. So, why not install one in your recreational area or right next to it? This will allow adding an extra special touch from the flames and the light from the fire to the whole setting. The effect will be even stronger and more attractive if you use the fire pit to cook a delicious meal and to serve it to the guests in the recreational outdoor area directly from the fire.


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If you like wooden furniture

If you prefer simple and comfortable wooden garden furniture, you can successfully combine them with the paving made of natural stone. You can use gneiss paving stones to create a harmonious and natural simplicity for your outdoor recreational area.


ивайловградски гнайс за облицоване

Patchwork styled flooring or paving?  Valmarg Stone says “Yes!”

Patchwork is not limited only for textiles and carpeting. You can create your own patchwork design with the help of the silver-grey or golden-beige colored gneiss, which you can combine with additional slates made of natural stone or others. You can create your own absolutely original stone patchwork for your outdoor space.


каменна настилка


If you don’t have a patio or special recreational area and you don’t want a big area covered with stone flooring

You don’t need a big porch or patio to create a comfortable and cozy outdoor space. In case you don’t have a special patio or other such are in your garden and want to keep it as green as possible, you can form a simple small area made of gneiss paving with a small table made of gneiss, placed among the grass and the lovely green outdoor area.  You can use foldable or other chairs to sit your guests and yourself around the table. The natural stone from Ivaylovgrad  will be a wonderful addition to your exterior space and all the fauna growing in it.



камък от ивайловград за настилка

The flooring as well as the table can vary in size and form depending on your preferences. The floor can be square, round, oval and so can the table, or you can choose another unique shape for both of them.


естествен камък за настилка