Ideas for a Rocky Nook in the Garden

It is so nice if you have a place somewhere to chill physically and mentally. We will try to give you some guidelines, so that you create such an ideal location in your garden.

Rocky Nook with a Bench among the Greenery in the Gardenскален кът в градината

If you have dense vegetation in your garden, you can build up an ellipse-like stone wall from slabs; then, you can insert inside a wooden plane, to act as a bench.

The road leading to this rocky nook may be created of polygonal gneiss plates, covered with a mixture for grouting stone, for aesthetic reasons.

You are going to enjoy, resting at such a beautiful and tranquil place.




Ensemble of Stones in the Garden

каменен ансамбъл

If you have more space in you garden, you can always create an ensemble of stones.

First, you need to create a playground, littered with stone plates; those plates preferably should be from Ivaylovgrad’s gneiss as it is stronger.

Next to it, you may build a bench from stone columns and on top of that, you can place a tree for sitting.

In the middle of the site, you can create a stone slab table; around that – chairs of stone columns, on top of which – a wood seating. Of course, it would be great if this beautiful corner you just created, is connected to the other parts of the garden by a trail of stones.

At one end of the site, you can create a stone oven, where you can bake a variety of things.

Alpine Area with Vegetation

каменен ансамбъл

If you have an alpine area with plants for a rocky nook, you can enclose it by stone wall fences around one meter high; you can also build a waterfall in the area, glued to rockery.

On the exterior of the area, you can place a bench and enjoy the greenery and the gentle murmur of the waterfall.

We recommend a trail with a stone flooring to lead to this place, as this adds to the aesthetic appearance of nook.


Stream, formed by Rocks

водоем от камъни

You can choose an option, similar to the former, in which the stone wall is located near the planted – in – terraces vegetation.

You can also create a garden brook, formed of rocks and then, place greenery inside; various ornaments can be added to make the place even more beautiful. The bench you place there can be built entirely of stones.




Lake of Stones

езеро с камъни

A relatively easy option (but one, including lots of elements) is the creation of a small lake from stones. You need to spread gravel with a diameter of 4-5 meters at the area, chosen for the pond. In the middle of the circle, you can place a stone trough in the shape of the bowl, with a diameter of 2 m, narrowed at the bottom and expanded at the top. In it, you can make a tiny pond with a fountain.

Inside the pond, you can put small and larger stones. You can also place ornamental fish. On the edges of the pond, please spread gravel and then, plant the vegetation.

Wooden benches can be placed near the lake. In that way, this small area will exhibit quite a few elements that add to the beauty of the garden.


Stone Ensemble under the Tree

кът от камъни

If you have a large tree in the garden, you can embroider the area by deploying few things around, all made of stone. First, you may enclose the tree with a stone wall, and place wooden boards to create a bench. Nearby, you can make a stone hearth with a height of approximately 50-60 cm and a diameter of 1 meter.

It would be great if the place can be reached via a stone path, to add to the overall setting. You can build a flower bed, fenced with rounded stones of varying sizes.

If you have vivid imagination, you can always add a small pond, created of stone wall, with small pebbles on the bottom. You can include inside several types of vegetation and ornamental fish.

These were just a few ideas on how to make rock gardens; we hope that we can help you create a magical place in your garden, where one can find peace for both the soul and the body.

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