Ideas for hot tubs with wood, stone and concrete

Hot tub dipping is a pleasure that attracts everyone. Why not increase the enjoyment of your rest and relax in hot water with a beautiful bath made of wood, stone or concrete? Depending on your home and yard you can create a suitable design without even hiring a professional designer.

Wood hot tub

Wood hot tub brings you back to ancient times, and the natural material will fit easily into the environment of the yard. You can create a special platform, wooden, with benches, on which the wooden bathtub is located. Another impressive decision is an asymmetrical wooden platform on one side of the tub, for example semicircular – there you can put clothes, a cup of coffee, a book and other necessary things.

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Every corner of the yard can accept the tub. It can be placed on a hill, with few wooden steps by which to reach it. Or you can create a stone composition around it to use the charm of the natural stone in addition to the attractiveness of the wood. The decorative stone wall is one such solution – use the natural stone from Valmarg Stone to build a beautiful stone background for the bath. Nearby you can also build a fireplace, and thus create a whole complex, which will attract you to relax.

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Even on the flat roof of the house there is space for a bath. Thus you will bathe in the sunlight, and around the tub you can place benches and a table. You only have to check whether the roof will withstand the weight of the full bath.

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Natural stone hot tub

The natural stone from Valmarg Stone has a unique beauty. The polygonal stone tiles are with natural forms, and you can also use cut stone or gneiss cuttings.

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The colors of the natural stone and gneiss for cladding are silver-gray and golden-beige, and the stone for masonry – golden-beige. These soft colors will fit easily into the exterior of your yard. A more economical option is to clad the bath with gneiss cuttings or bones for glitz masonry from Valmarg Stone. The plenty of greenery and flowers around the tub will create an oasis of freshness and peace. Build also a stone path to this place – it will be another idea to recreate the ancient style in the yard.

Garden Architecture/Robert Trachtenberg

Concrete hot tub

Concrete is a modern material, which is used for swimming pools and baths. If you plan building a concrete hot tub, you can choose your preferred shape – round, rectangular, square. Do not let the concrete dominate – surround the concrete hot tub with greenery. Amidst it you can place benches, to complete with a wooden platform and several wooden chairs with a table, or to insert the concrete tub into a wooden platform with correct or incorrect, rhomboid, elliptical, etc. form. You can create an original place for hot tubs with a wooden platform on levels, for example with a first level surrounding as a step the higher level into which the is the tub is fit.

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Use every corner in which you can accommodate the tub – for example between the stone or concrete fence and the house. If the concrete tub is at an elevated level, the level of the house ground, shape a passage with wooden steps that go down to the level of the yard.