The Pond in the Garden

езеро в градинатаWhy do People  Need a Pond  in the Garden

This is a place where you can relax, release all tension, and rechange yourself with energy. The lake is an addition to the harmony of the garden. Its smooth surface reflects the sun and the sky while the green vegetation and fish in it free you from the stress of everyday life; they also help you plunge into the world of Nature.
In this article, we made sure to give you the most important tips and recommendations to consider when building your own pond.


Stages for the Construction of the Pond

1.  Choice of location, size and depth:

It is very important the place, where you set up the pond. It’s recommended that you choose a semi-dark place, exposed to only 4-6 hours of daylight. That way, the water doesn’t get heated to a high degree. The size of the pond depends on available space, the desire of the owner and the design, which he/she wants to implement. The depth of the lake is not particularly important, but it’s good to know that if the pond is around 2.5 meters, it will not freeze during the winter. It is advisable that it is not close to trees, because the fallen leaves will disfigure the surface of your lake.

камъните в езерото2. Choice of the shape of the pond

Nowadays, there are many ready forms of fiberglass, used for the creation of lakes; naturally, the classic round shape still remains in use. No matter what form you choose, you have to outline the place, where the pond will be situated. Using pegs, cord and measuring tape, you can measure and outline the shape of the lake. If your choice is a circular lake, the easiest way to frame it is to thrust a spike in its middle; afterwards, with the help of string, tied to your spike, please, outline the circumference; it’s like in math class, where you had to use a compasses to mark a perimeter.

3. Choice of materials

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of materials for the creation of a pond. The quality of the foils, filters, pumps and other materials has increased significantly. For those, who want to stick to the classic lake creation with cladding stones and concrete trough, we recommend the gneiss from Ivaylovgrad. It exhibits wonderful physical-chemical properties and durability. Otherwise, the market offers trays of different shapes and sizes, which can help you shape a pond of your liking. There are the different types of foils, which can also help your work.

водни растения за езеро4.  Installation

The first thing is digging out a layer of soil to form the initial appearance of the lake. Then, the unearthed site should be carefully shaped. One of the main things, that need to be taken into account, is the drainage. There should be a slope towards the lowest point, where the pump will be placed or a dike will be built. The excavated already soil can be used for the creation of an alpieneum.

Insulating foil

This is one of the possible choices. It is advisable for you to place a layer of sand beneath it, to avoid bursting or damage to the foil. It is desirable to first leave it for some time in the sun, so that it easily bend and spread equally everywhere. For vertical lining, you can use a special lake insulation, made of fiberglass.

• Pre – molded troughs

There are troughs with different sizes and shapes. They’re made of hard plastic or fiberglass. The tray is placed easily, but please, make sure that it is really well   leveled and there are no gaps left, underneath it or around it. Also, the edges of some troughs are protruding and if you place stones at the end, it is a good idea to watch over for possible breaking of the trays.

• Classical masonry with cladding stones and a concrete floor

Classics’ lovers would enjoy a lake with a concrete bottom and a wall with cladding stones on the sides. It takes more time and resources, but it has its advantages. Construction of the concrete bed is one of the most preferred options, due to its stability and durability. Special waterproof mastics are used on the bottom and sides of the lake. They create a protective layer – durable under different atmospheric conditions. Additional protection is built with outer stone facing. One of the most appropriate materials for these purposes is gneiss, which gives not only strength, but also authenticity of the pond, with its natural stone shape and color.

рибки в езеро5. Extra features

When you imagine a lake, you sure add to the picture green plants, fishes, etc. You can use aquatic plants that have its roots in the water, and its leaves and flowers above it. Another option are the floating plants such as lilies, small duckweed etc. If you want the pond to be clean, you can use plants that will enrich it with oxygen. Such are the Canadian water plague, inflata hotoniâ etc. Of all different types of lake fish, you might like to place in your pond the goldfish, which, by the way, has varieties – Calico, Oranda, Comet, Lion’s head, etc.


With this, we can say that the lake and its decorative and aesthetic designs are completed, and you and your guests can enjoy its beauty.