Waterfall from Stones in the Garden

водопад в градината

The constant murmur of the falling water is so enchanting to listen to!. You can allow yourself  this pleasure by creating a waterfall in your garden. That way, you will have two in one: beauty and aesthetics, on one hand, and something that soothes you, on the other. Of course, any initiative should be carefully  considered in advance. If you are not sure of your own abilities and skills, please, consult a landscape professional.

• Choice of Location of the Waterfall

Since the waterfall is usually associated with other elements in the garden like a stream or a lake, its location must be consistent with theirs. The waterfall is advisable to be placed in a way that it is fully visible in the whole garden. It could be near the porch, so that people inside can constantly hear the gentle and calming murmur of the falling water.


• Shape and Size of the Waterfall
The waterfall’s shape and size depend on the size of the place where it will be located. As a whole, there are numerous possibilities. It can descend vertically from a wall or a pile of stones. Furthermore, small cascades can be created, to separate it into several levels. The important aspect is for it to conceptually fit with other landscape solutions in the garden.


камъни за изкуствен водопад

• Material for the Construction of the Waterfall

Here it is possible to choose between several types of materials. You can make a concrete base or a tray that can be covered with facing stones, with gneiss being a good choice. Please, do not forget to place PVC insulation, suitable for artificial lakes, on the bottom, to retain the water.


You can construct the waterfall from medium unshaped stones that van be deployed together, as well as along the whole extent of the waterfall. The cascades could be stone slabs; around the waterfall you can deploy boulders. The stones may be in different colors.


• Water Supply of the Waterfall

One of the crucial factors when building waterfall is the proper water supply and water circulation. Those should be considered at the very beginning. The hoses and water tanks should be laid very carefully and according to the given instructions. Please, consider the power of the water pump, which will make the water circulation possible.  It is advisable to submit a different volume of water flow. This will allow you to adjust the volume of the water jet and the sound that the waterfall emits. The entire system should be well built, so that no corrections are needed.
If you are not so sure in your own abilities, please, call a professional.

• Landscaping the Waterfall

Planting greenery around the waterfall is a great final touch to its creation. It’s good to choose water and moisture-loving plants, which maintenance does not require special skills. Water lilies are suitable for the purpose. That way, the overall vision of the garden will get its final appearance.


осветление на водопада

• Maintenance of the Waterfall

A great way to make your waterfall even more beautiful, not only in daytime, but at night time as well, is to place in it lighting for waterfalls and lakes, offered in specialty stores.

Once you have built it, you should not have to make additional improvements or have to destroy parts of the already created.

It is important to monitor the circulation of the water and to make sure the water pump is never dry, because it can burn easily. That would be bad, since a lot of work would be needed for its repairing or replacement.  It is good to know if the waterfall is terraced, so that the stones/plates do not get moldy. To remove such a problem, please, consult a specialist.

Overall, those are the key things that you should know before attempting to build a waterfall.

We hope you have a great time, building it.