How to build a bar made of decorative gneiss stones outdoors

The bar is very comfortable when welcoming guests and is also a great place for pleasant evenings in a closer family circle. Not only during the summer, but throughout the year there are periods during which we can bring the outdoor bar into the garden. Even more attractive is the idea of building a bar of decorative stones, such as gneiss.

изграждане на бар плот с камък



If possible, build a bar near the kitchen window

If space and layout allow you, build a bar near the kitchen window. This will make it convenient for you to carry glasses, drinks and products. You can place them by the window and pick them up from the outside.


бар от камък



It is practical to arrange the outside window sill as a bar counter

This idea also takes advantage of the proximity of the bar to the kitchen. Form a wide outer ledge with supports on the outside and lining it with gneiss from Ivaylovgrad.

To protect the bar in the rain, you can also build a visor that does not allow the sudden rain to ruin your event plans at the bar.

The combination of outdoor kitchen with bar is very convenient

The outdoor kitchen is a place where you can safely cook without spreading the smell and smoke around the home. The bar next door will again rely on the convenience of dishes, drinks and food at your fingertips.


каъни за градеж



Outdoor bar in the niche or corner

If your home has niches on the outside, each of them may be suitable for building an outdoor bar if it is large enough. If it is small, you can place only a bar top in it and build a shed above the chair.

Outdoor bar in rustic style

A well-appointed outdoor bar can help you get into a rustic setting. In addition to the natural stone gneiss bar, place straw umbrellas and other style attributes, relying on natural materials and artistic care. On the side, you can decorate more gneiss-lined decorations. Use the beauty of this natural material. Also use old barrels or casks that you can shape as seating or place for cups. From wooden crates you can also create spectacular rustic decorations.


външен бар с камък


Outdoor bar in the pool

If you have a pool, build a platform on which to place a bar counter. Seating can be located by the pool, and if the pool is large, the platform may be large enough to accommodate bar stools. Day and night, this water bar will attract family and guests alike.

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You will find the Gneiss of Valmarg Stone for cladding in the form of natural-shaped slabs and as a cut stone that is easier to arrange. Make the choice: If you have more time, and especially if your bar is rustic, polygonal slabs of irregular shape are more appropriate. You can add lining with a border of bones gneiss – oblong pieces that are easier to arrange.

The outdoor bar is not only an attractive element of the exterior. It is now a necessity, a place for pleasant outdoor hours combined with a drink in a pleasant environment.


ивайловградски гнайс за облицовка