Decorative stones from gneiss for the wall and floor in the living room

The living room has long been not only a standard furnished room, with a classic set of furniture and a TV. This is the place that needs the most coziness. Here comes every member of the family in their free time. The design scheme of the living room is now an artistic task. The range of colours, in which it resides, is not a classic colour. You can choose a contrast between black and white elements. For a bigger softness, you can make the match between brown and beige, in which you can use the beauty of the gneiss from Valmarg Stone.


камък за облицовка


Just like the niche for the TV, the fireplace, the column or the columns if there are such, are suitable for revetment with decorative slabstones. This is a very popular tendency, which connects the modern life with the nature of the living standard in the past, when the wood and the stone were basic materials for building and forming the interior.

Today the choice of  stones for revetment and stones for pavement is obligatory for those, who choose the natural beauty and want to achieve style.


облицавка с ивайловградски гнайс

The pavement of the floor

It’s not obligatory the whole pavement to be from unformed gneiss. In the assortment of Valmarg Stone you will find two kinds of paving-stones – classic and rounded, in the style of the antique paving-stones used for pavements. And the slabstones for pavement are with width of 40 or 35cm and free length. With such slabstones different in their length and form, have been paved the yards in the old times, and this has its eternal charm.


камък за под


A gneiss pavement for the whole floor or a part of it

It’s not obligatory to use gneiss for the pavement of the whole area. For example, it will be more effective if the gneiss pavement is only in the nook for the guests, which you can form with a small table and armchairs. You can also separate this nook with a decorative ,fence’’ , also with gneiss revetment. For a full ,,gneiss’’ nook you can form a small table from stone, the top of which you can cover with a facing gneiss stone.


настилка от камък

Accents from gneiss revetment

Another interesting decision is the facing of the columns with gneiss material, for example with bones of gneiss.  That way you can create an illusion for building fully of gneiss stone. And if you don’t have columns and you think adding them will be suitable, it’s not nearly as hard to build them yourself. They can also serve for symbolical visual separation of parts of the living room.


камък за стена


The niche for the TV will be distinguished and more beautiful with a curbstone of gneiss, bones or other cuttings of your taste. When buying the material from Valmarg Stone, you can ask to be cut smaller slabstones. It’s easier to use paving-stones, if you have an idea for forming with such element.


гнайс за облицовка


Another nook, which you can make beautiful with gneiss stone Ivailovgrad is the counter and the bar. The barrier you can face with gneiss, and on the wall, for a background, you can form facing figures – a circle, rhomb, flower and etc. You just have to find similar cuttings , and the gneiss bones are the best choice for forming the contours of those figures


камък ивайловград за облицовка