A rooftop garden with attractive slabstones

If your rooftop is flat,use it to create beautiful and cozy garden for relaxation on this area. The tendency for rooftop gardens on flat areas is becoming more and more popular. Such a garden creates breathtaking natural nook with plants and decorative slabstones, even if you live in the big city. It’s not necessary to go to the park to relax in the shades and greenery. And with pavement  slabstones  from Valmarg Stone both the playground or the paths in your rooftop garden will make you move mentally to the green meadows in the mountain.

Градина на покрива с декоративни камъни

The advantages of a rooftop garden

Not only the greenery and the colorfullnes  of the flowers catch our eye, but they are also not the only advantages, that make many owners of homes with flat roofs create with love their rooftop gardens. The plants have functions of utmost importance: they make the environment healthier, because they increase the content of oxygen and also decreases the concentration of harmful gases in the surrounding air.

Besides that when it rains, the green roof manages to keep big quantities of water. This leads to bigger evaporation of the leaves and increases the humidity  of the air in the environment.

And not at last place, with a green roof you get to have a better thermal insulations and protection from UV rays.


Настилката от декоративни камъни

The watering of the rooftop garden

The easiest way is the automatic watering system, which allows you to set the exact quantity of water needed by particular plants in the rooftop garden. You can collect rain water in a cystern and water the plants yourself. But bear in mind that the way for watering the plants should be chosen before the realization of the project.


The first step – a thermal insulating layer and waterproofing

The first step, if you are going to create a garden with a soil layer onto the whole roof, is to lay a thermal insolation. With the thermal insolating layer you will protect the rooms underneath from a condense, when there are big temperature changes. After that you need to lay a waterproofing layer from a material which is weatherproof – high and low temperatures.


настилка от гнайсов камък Ивайловград

Drainage and soil layer

Upon the waterproofing layer are laid the drainage and soil layers. And then you can plant the plants.


What greenery should you use

That depends on the size of the area you own. If the area is big enough, you can plant even trees. If you have a smaller area, the colorful flower-beds or chests with flowers are enough.


камъни за настилка от Валмарг Стоун

Soil and plants in chests and pots

Make your choice depending on if you want to put time and effort in creating a thick enough soil pavement, or you’ll form nooks with chests and pots.

For rooftop gardens besides for the grass and flowers, bushes are also planted. It is not suitable to plant trees, because the soil pavement must be very thick, which is not applicable to such terrains. Instead of shades from a tree’s branches you can hide from the blazing sun under an umbrella.


The pavement must be from decorative slabstones

The paths in the rooftop garden, (including the playground) if your garden is big should be with a pavements from gneiss stone Ivailovgrad . With its resistance to drastic temperature changes, also with it’s attractive surface, shining in silver-grey or golden-beige, it will compliment your rooftop garden and will make it cozier and inviting for relaxation.