7 benefits of gneiss when choosing stone for flooring and cladding

More and more people prefer flooring and tiling of natural stone. Among the natural materials for these purposes is gneiss, which features a number of important advantages. Here we look at each of them to highlight the advantages in choosing gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, both in terms of endurance. Do not forget the attractive appearance of the flooring and tiling of gneiss in your home.

When enumerating the qualities of gneiss material, we will compare the values ​​with standard materials for cladding and flooring. This will make sure that your choice of material for lining home or cottage, as well as a flooring material will be the best you can do.


ивайловградски гнайс

Endurance of the gneiss under pressure in air dry conditions

The strength of the gneiss is one of the important qualities. It guarantees the preservation of the strength and quality of gneiss stone Ivaylovgrad. At standard compressive strength in an air dry state of 120 to 130 gneiss has strength 129.3.

Endurance of the gneiss under pressure in wet state

This endurance indicates the strength of gneiss also. At standard strength under compression in wet state of between 100 and 150 gneiss shows the value 136.1.

Frost resistance of gneiss

Frost resistance of materials is important for maintaining their strength at very low temperatures in winter. Gneiss meets the requirements in this regard also – in standard value over 0.8, it shows a frost endurance of 0.86.


гнайс от Ивайловград

What is the appearance of the frozen samples  – here gneiss features excellent values as well.

When freezing samples of materials BDS – 11485-73 is applied. The assessment is done visually, every 5 cycles. In gneiss there is no change in the appearance, which is further evidence of the strength of this material.


камък Ивайловград

Some qualities of gneiss, which do not require standard

Sime qualities of gneiss, reviewed below doesn’t apply standards. The so popular Ivaylovgrad gneiss shows excellent values on them too.

  • Coefficient of softening

The coefficient of softening in gneiss is almost one – its value is 0.96.

  • Coefficient of the pores

The low porosity of the material means that it does not absorb water. This is important especially for exterior cladding and flooring. Porosity of gneiss is very low – 0,032.

  • Mass loss after 25 cycles

Gneiss has a very small mass loss – 0,004. This is further evidence of the strength of this material.


предимства на гнайса

The choice of gneiss is appropriate in all respects

Gneiss, obtained near Ivaylovgrad, is beautiful in its both offered colors. You can find Ivaylovgrad gneiss stone in silver gray and Golden-Beige. Furthermore, as discussed above, this natural material has a very high strength, low porosity and frost resistance. These qualities, as well as other advantages of the gneiss guarantee that over time nor the strength and integrity, nor the type of tiling and flooring from gneiss material will be affected.