7 custom ideas for using gneiss in a hallway, corridor and lobby of a public building

The corridor and hallway are places that welcome all guests and visitors. Often the layout of the hallway is underestimated in importance. And it’s so easy to create custom interiors with gneiss by Valmarg Stone.

1 Facing one of the walls

Using gneiss lining stones is easy. Both sliced gneiss and masonry bones can be used.

Why not create a wall panel using gneiss cutouts and polygonal slabs of Ivaylovgrad gneiss? It can be shaped with a geometric figure or, for example, in the form of a flower. Complement with spectacular lighting to spark the gneiss surface and add to the glamor of the views.


интериорен камък

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2 Lining with gneiss bones around the doors

The stone cladding around the arches and doors creates an accent in an extremely pleasant and artistic accent in the interior. Both gneiss bones and unformed gneiss – polygonal plates can be used for this purpose. These stones can be arranged in a variety of figures and shapes, which is actually the desired effect in such stone compositions.


кокали гнайс за стена

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3 Floor with shaped or unformed gneiss on the floor

The stone flooring has its great advantages, which is why many people prefer it. It is especially used in areas where there is greater pollution, greater human flow or moisture from the outside. This is why stone flooring is the perfect solution for corridors in public places, pubs or even homes built in authentic style.

We offer you two variants – with cut gneiss or with polygonal plates – equally suitable and beautiful for such an entrance room:

  • Flooring with cut gneiss


настилка с рязан гнайс

Снимка: https://www.surreymarbleandgranite.co.uk


  • flooring with polygonal tiles
настилка с полигонални плочи

Снимка: https://www.grandriverstone.com


4 Wall from stone beside the staircase

Constructing an interior wall of masonry stone is an interesting and unusual solution that can give a unique color to the whole setting. The beauty and solidity of natural stone can accentuate the antique style of the interior or be a refined accent, contrasting with the contemporary style of furnishings.



облицовка с гнайс

Снимка: https://telegraf.com.ua/

 5 Corner with stones and rock garden in the home

If you live in a house, the space under the staircase is the perfect place to build a true rock garden with stones and greenery, and why not with running water in it. This will become a favorite place for relaxation and rest, bringing the beauty of nature into the home. To do this, you can use the stones to clad the walls around and the stones to build the desired rock garden. Remember to put in the appropriate extra lighting to accentuate the interior. For landscaping, it is appropriate to choose leafy ornamental plants that need less light.


камъни за алпинеум

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6 A wall of stones with greenery

These walls are very beautiful and spectacular, which makes them suitable for both homes and offices and public places. In places where there are many outside visitors, these non-standard walls create a pleasant atmosphere and attract with their non-standard appearance. Different stones can be used for this purpose – cut gneiss, polygonal slabs, cuts or bones.


облицовъчни камъни за интериор

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7 An oasis of flowers, water and stone in the large corridor

The large corridor allows for larger decorative additions. If you have enough space to set aside for a decorative space, you can build an artificial lake or stone pavement to recreate a truly natural indoor landscape. This can be in homes as well as in public buildings and large lobbies to attract visitors’ attention.

Both decorative stones, river stones and gneiss can be used according to the desired composition. The plants can be planted directly in specially built stone pots or placed directly with pots.


изкуствено езеро с камъни

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Here are some other helpful tips:

  • Focus on lighting keys, paintings and other small items in the hallway and the entrance hall.
  • Combine the beautiful with the useful. The stone is especially suitable for lining in places that are easily dirty and thus overburden the plaster.
  • The gneiss layout does not need to be large-scale to impress and enjoy. Minimalist solutions are also spectacular.