Path with felt and paving gneiss

To have a beautiful path in the yard or garden, use pavers of Ivaylovgrad gneiss. We will offer you the laying of the path so that the pavers are level with the terrain. You need to prepare the necessary materials and equipment and provide enough time, preferably all day, to prepare the base by digging, to lay a solder mixture and paving stones on it.


Пътека от павета гнайс


Necessary equipment and materials

You will need a trolley in which to mix the paving attachment mixture and move it easily with the trolley while laying the base of this mixture.

For the mixture you will need to use 1 part cement and 5 parts sand. You can consult a specialist about the quantity. It depends on the length and width of the path.

Prepare a shovel to stir and apply the mixture.

You will also need two wedges and twine for each side to stretch the twine and flatten the edges of the trail.

You will need a tape measure to measure. Also prepare a hammer to fasten the wedges, a wooden hammer to adjust the pavers and gloves.

You can use color spray to mark the beginning and end of the trail. If this makes it easier for you, you should prepare such a spray.

You can use felt or other small pieces as a base for the trail.


Decide what size pavers to provide

Gneiss cobblestones from Valmarg Stone are in three sizes: 10 × 10 cm, 12 × 12 cm and 15 × 15 cm – you can see them on our Products page. Choose according to your preferences. You will arrange the largest ones the fastest, so you may decide that this is the right size.

The thickness of the pavers is at the customer’s request. Consult a specialist to order the appropriate thickness. Choose the color – golden beige or silver gray.


павета гнайс


Designing the path

The stone path must be bounded on all sides by a curb. Level the base so that it is horizontal and level. Pour felt or other small stones directly on the soil or on a pre-laid weed cover.


The solder mixture

As already mentioned, you need to mix cement and sand in a ratio of 1:5. The mixture should be so dense that when you scoop it out with a shovel and turn it down, the scoop amount remains on the shovel.


First, stretch the twine on both sides

You will arrange the pavers on the stretched rope. Since they are standard sizes, you can stretch the rope on one side only if you think it is enough.


Digging the base

After marking the start and end lines of the trail, you need to make a trench with a depth equal to the thickness of the pavers plus a little more for the soldering material.


Laying the path

Start laying one by one, applying solder and laying a row of pavers on it. Adjust each pave well by hammering it with a wooden mallet.

So you will gradually fill with cobblestones and your path will be almost ready.


Align around the end pavers

To look good the path of gneiss pavers from Ivaylovgrad, level around it so as to fill the small gaps between the ground and the layers of solder and pavers.

Wait 24 hours before using the trail. Gneiss is a beautiful material, durable and resistant to weather conditions. By choosing this material you will have a beautiful trail that will delight you for decades.