Benefits of gneiss when used as a stone for a wall

Bulgarians are increasingly returning to the old traditions in construction, relying on natural materials. Wood and natural stone are basic materials for new and renovated homes. For walls, stone is the best choice because it combines strength and natural attractiveness. It is enough to remember the beautiful wall cladding with gneiss of houses in the ethnographic complex Etara.

And among the types of facing stones for walls, the gneiss extracted in the Ivaylovgrad area enjoys great attention.

If you are planning a home renovation and want to refresh the interior, wall cladding – in whole or in part – will give a new charm and coziness.

камък за стена

The advantages of gneiss as a stone for walls

We will start with the beauty of this stone extracted from Ivaylovgrad. The two colors, in silver to gray and golden to pink, are versatile and are suitable for any exterior.

The strength of the gneiss is a guarantee for long preservation of the type and integrity of the wall lining. It is suitable for both exterior and interior wall cladding. This is a material that retains its strength, does not rot, is not brittle. The composition of the gneiss contains granite, which gives it great strength. In addition, gneiss in the Ivaylovgrad area is extracted from great depths, which is also a guarantee of exceptional strength.

With Ivaylovgrad gneiss wall cladding is not only distinguished by mechanical strength. Gneiss material is resistant to extreme temperatures and chemical influences.

Last but not least, gneiss is highly heat and fire resistant.

камък Ивайловград

In addition to the slabs, you can also line the walls with cuts and bones

The polygonal tiles are different sizes and if you want to achieve an old-fashioned charm, choose this type of gneiss for wall cladding.

You can trim with a cut stone that is machined and the fit of the individual slabs is easier.

A very interesting solution is the trim with clippings and gneiss bones by Valmarg Stone. These small pieces are easy to arrange and create a solid lining. Arranging the bones – elongated pieces between 3 and 5 cm wide will give the impression of a wall made entirely of stone.

изрезки и кокали от гнайс

The choice of gneiss is the choice of an eco-friendly lining product

Gneiss is easy to extract and easy to process. Extraction does not harm the environment. When using it for wall cladding, you also take care of the environment, since you prefer natural material instead of artificial linings.

Lining the walls with gneiss from Ivaylovgrad, you will enjoy the long-lasting beauty and natural charm of this material. The linings are extremely durable and resistant to both extreme temperatures and chemical products. You will not worry about distorting their appearance or cracking, even in very cold weather in winter or when the cold changes sharply with high temperatures.

Whether you choose polygonal or cut tile boards, or use cut-outs or bones, your walls will shine in the beautiful shades of Ivaylovgrad stone and will delight both in the exterior and if you have lined the interior walls.