Gneiss pavers for strong floorings

Tradition that comes from ancient times

Even in ancient times the Romans valued the strength of the natural stones and used them in the construction of the roads they made. Many of these roads have remained to the present day and they are the best evidence for the excellent choice of the people of antiquity.

Nowadays people are increasingly turning to the products made of natural stones due to their strength and natural beauty. What more wonderful choice than the gneiss pavers for paving of a road, a public place or at home?

Gneiss pavers from Valmarg Stone

Valmarg Stone offers gneiss pavers in two colors: golden-beige and silver-gray. They are in several sizes: 10×10, 12×12 and 15×15. This allows ordering pavers in appropriate size for your project.

For even greater opportunity for diversity, when planning the construction of gneiss floorings, apart from the standard pavers, Valmarg Stone offers you also pavers with rounded shapes, in a style Antiques. With them you will easily achieve ancient appearance of the flooring.

павета от гнайс

The qualities of pavers from Ivaylovgrad gneiss

In pavements of roads, alleys, playgrounds, parking, public places, as well as at home, the beauty of the pavers is important. But the gneiss pavers from Valmarg Stone have many qualities needed for pavements, making them durable and resistant to various influences.

  • Moisture resistance: except its water impermeability gneiss also has moisture resistance which does not change its appearance and qualities
  • Cold resistance: this quality is especially important for pavements, as most of them are out. Even after multiple freezing and thawing gneiss remains with unchanged appearance and qualities.
  • Environmental friendliness: this is also an important quality, since by choosing the gneiss pavers from Valmarg Stone you will not pollute the environment.
  • Resistance to the effect of chemicals: gneiss is resistant to degrading and corrosion-forming substances.
  • Fire resistance: this quality of gneiss pavers from Valmarg Stone will provide fireproof flooring and you will not worry that there will be a risk of fire.

For flooring applications in an environment where it is important to achieve good thermal and acoustic insulation, you can also be sure that the flooring with pavers of Ivaylovgrad gneiss from Valmarg Stone will provide good sound absorption and thermal insulation.

More advantages of the floorings of gneiss pavers

The floorings of gneiss from Valmarg Stone are a practical choice because of two more of their advantages.

First, due to their rough surface, the gneiss pavers prevent sliding. This makes them a suitable material for paving of steep terrain.

Furthermore, since they are small in size, they can easily be arranged in figures.

настилките с павета от гнайс

Arranging and combining

When you want figural flooring, you can arrange the pavers in several ways. For paving of a porch or a yard you can choose from several schemes of arrangement.

  • in rows and columns
  • in an arch shape
  • in a fan shape

Combining the two types of pavers – standard and Antiques, you can also create attractive with their design floorings.