A gneiss cladded fire pit – the jewel of your outdoor space

We are used to think of the fire pit as a place where we can grill meat or hang a cauldron or pot to cook a delicious homemade meal in traditional style. But the design of the fire pit allows for huge variations so you can easily turn it into the centerpiece of your yard or other outdoor space. You can choose an unusual shape, positioning and add gneiss cladding provided by Valmarg Stone. Nothing will bring you more relaxation and the feeling of home and coziness as a beautiful fire pit with burning fire.


камък Ивайловград за изграждане на огнище

The shape of the fire pit

You may not have realized yet that the shape of the fire pit can be in many different variations.  Choose the best one for you and don’t forget to complement it with a gneiss cladding and pavers in either silver-grey or golden-beige hues. Here you can choose the appropriate materials from Valmarg Stone.


тикли за настилка

The typical shape of the fire pit is round. But you can also choose to make it rectangular in shape placed parallel to the table in your garden for an added effect too. The rectangular fire pit is very suitable for making grilled skewers too.


ивайловградски гнайс за облицовки

A square shaped fire pit can be located in the table next to some comfortable benches for easy access and a beautiful effect. You can also make an oval or round fire pit installed in the table itself too. It will add to the cozy and warm feeling when you are spending your time relaxing and enjoying yourself around the table.  Cover the table with gneiss slates and if you prefer you can clad the benches with gneiss as well. Add Glitz wall stone curbs on both sides of the pathway leading to the area.


The location of the fire pit is entirely up to you

Keep in mind that the fire pit is not only a place where you will be preparing food. It is also a beautiful accessory for your outdoor space too. You can experiment by choosing a location for your fire pit by thinking differently and place it somewhere where you never dreamt of having a fire pit. For example, as mentioned before you can install the fire pit in the top of your table. This requires that the table top is sufficiently thick. The result will be added soft lighting and warmth for you and the others who choose to spend time around the table.



облицоване с камъни

The fire pit can also be located near the swimming pool as a rectangular element which lights up the pool for those enjoying the cool water in the dark hours. You can clad the pool and the fire pit next to it with natural stone from Ivaylovgrad to create a stylish place for swimming and then relaxation by the fire under the stars.


естествен камък за басейн

Combine water and fire

It may sound unthinkable, but actually a fountain with a fire pit on top will turn into the pearl of the crown of your outdoor space. The sound of the falling water in the dark, combined with the fire on top will create incredible light effects and an amazing relaxing and romantic mood.



камъни за фонтан


A fire pit with LED lighting

For an added effect, you can add LED lights alongside your fire pit. This is especially suitable if you choose the option of building a rectangular shaped fire pit next to the table or by the pool, or other. You can add decorative lighting elements including a decorative fire pit or more alongside the walls, clad them with gneiss stones and complement them with LED lights for an amazing effect.



декоративни камъни за облицоване