When to choose free-size gneiss

Gneiss in the form of slabs with a correct shape is easy to arrange, and for those who like the correct rectangular shapes this is a better option. But remember the charm of the sidewalk of the old streets. In the not too distant past, people were unable to process stones the way modern machines now do. They combined the best in matching stone slabs for flooring and cladding.

Nostalgia of the past has revived a number of traditions, including the use of freestanding slabs to achieve ancient spirit and appeal. When the gneiss pieces from Ivaylovgrad are smaller, arranging is easier. If you prefer non-standard gneiss sizes for your flooring, use the trimmings provided by Valmarg Stone. And if you really want to get the look of the ancient flooring, with a grass joint between the wrong size slabs, order polygonal slabs.


неоформен камък гнайс


The durability of gneiss coverings – linings and flooring

Gneiss is a hard material resistant to sudden changes in temperature. It is a natural stone that will stand for many years even as an external flooring or cladding. Remember the old Bulgarian houses and cobblestone streets, and not only them. Roman roads have stood for centuries and to this day are a testament to the durability of natural material – stones for pavement.


полигонални плочи гнайс за настилка

Polygonal plates

Valmarg Stone Polygonal Slabs are suitable for lining and flooring. The thickness of the plates is between 1.5 and 4.5 centimeters. Choose from two colors, golden-beige and silver-gray, which are versatile and will easily combine with exterior and interior. You can also combine them to add attractiveness to your own covering.

The flooring with polygonal slabs in the courtyard or in the whole yard, with a grass joint between the slabs, is a way to achieve an original exterior. Add an exterior fountain lined with gneiss clippings or a well with antique bulgarian vessels to get the look of an ancient Bulgarian yard. And be sure to plant a geranium around the fountain.



камък за облицовка на чешма


Gneiss clippings

As we have already stated, with smaller pieces of gneiss clippings, the lining is easier to achieve. These stones are not suitable for flooring because of their size, but with them you can easily wall, columns, gazebo in the garden, outdoor fireplace, fireplace at home. Gneiss clippings have all the valuable qualities of gneiss, endurance and durability, as well as an attractive look.

If you are designing a yard in a farmhouse where you look at animals, the lining of the trough will also add to the beauty of this simple attribute.

The addition of decorative stones to the exterior is also suitable for water facilities – a small pool or a waterfall. With gneiss clippings you can shape the curb, and for the pool or waterfall it is appropriate to combine with elements of wrought iron.


камъни с неправилна форма за стени


Gneiss clippings are also an excellent choice for shaping small decorative areas at home – such as a TV niche frame, picture frame, and more.