Gneiss cuttings – cheap stones for claddings and floorings

Cladding and flooring increasingly take an important place in the plans for giving an original and attractive look of the home and achieving comfort. With them you can apply your vision, create schemes from gneiss cuttings for example, using the cuttings offered by Valmarg Stone.

Изрезки от гнайс

Gneiss cuttings – sizes and colors

This product of Valmarg Stone is available in two colors – golden-beige and silver-grey. Their sizes are different, and the thickness is from 1 to 1.5 cm. Namely by combining pieces of different sizes a natural charm is achieved – like in nature, where there is rarely uniformity of separate segments or pieces of stones.

камъни за облицовки и настилки

An original solution – skirting boards for the floor or for the path in the yard from gneiss cuttings

Do you want to implement a simple and original solution for the interior of the room? Why not consider skirting boards for the floor, composed of gneiss cuttings? These boards will not be flat as the traditional ones, but therefore will be impressive. The skirting board from gneiss cuttings is especially suitable for a stone floor. In the corners you can create decorative elements like supporting and projecting points on the curbstone of the floor.

The path in the yard can also turn from a modest place, connecting the house with the garden for example, into an attractive and prominent decorative element. A curbstone from gneiss cuttings is arranged easily. You can stick the cuttings on the edges of the path, if it is covered with cement. And you can also arrange the cuttings vertically along the path on both sides.

каменна настилка

Cladding columns and stairs with gneiss cuttings

Gneiss cuttings are not only attractive with the texture of the stone and their shades of color. They have an advantage that will allow you to clad columns and stairs easily. As they are cuttings, they have one straight side. Therefore, it is easy to achieve cladding in constructions with rectangular shapes, such as columns and stairs.

Cladding of entire columns is a cheap solution because the gneiss cuttings are offered by Valmarg Stone at a low price. With them you will achieve an impression of building a whole column from gneiss tiles.

Cladding of the stairs and the walls of the staircase with gneiss cuttings is another popular choice. You can cover the entire walls, to form a curb or to form cladding like a washboard. The stairs will also look spectacular with a curb from gneiss cuttings.

Combining the cuttings by colors and sizes

When you are planning to form a color combinations or alignment of cuttings by size, you can buy two colors of the cuttings offered by Valmarg Stone. Their alternation in the cladding of columns or staircases for example, will create an impressive effect. The cost of the cuttings is low and you can use large amounts without a significant impact on the total cost for the renovation of your home. Take advantage of the promotions offered by Valmarg Stone. You can follow them on the company website.