Building a barbeque fire pit from gneiss stone from Ivailovgrad

The fire pit in the yard is not only convenience but guarantees a delicious grilled meat and fish in the open. Create a fire pit that is a gem and draws attention even when not used, and nicely complements the yard. It is easy to build with the right structure and tiling from gneiss stone from Ivailovgrad.

Once you have made your mind on the design and structure as well as the layout of the area around the fire pit, supply the necessary materials. It is time to work on the project. You will enjoy it because the result will please the eye while preparing food in the fire pit will please the palate.

Everyone appreciates the taste of barbequed food and the opportunity to watch it while being prepared. There are vegetable skewers for the vegetarians which meat eaters also enjoy. All family members and guests will enjoy the inviting corner with a barbeque fire pit in the yard.


Изграждане на огнище за барбекю




A simple structure with walls built for the fire pit is the easiest to make. But you can make it even more functional for preparing baked items and will make your fire pit unique by building two or three levels. This will allow you to simultaneously cook two types of meat, meat and fish, or meat and vegetables.

The classic form is a square or a rectangle. If you are an artsy type, you can build a more interesting shape – ellipse, diamond, or another figure.

The choice of shape should take into account the types of items you will be cooking often. If you like skewers – meat or meat and vegetables or vegetables only, it should have a sufficient length. Such length can be achieved by creating a rectangular or ellipse shape.

The most functional structure is with a round or ellipse part for the fire which has a rectangular portion as an extension, on the walls of which skewers are easily placed.


барбекю от камък гнайс

снимка: Изграждане на огнище за барбекю


Advantages of an in-ground fire pit

The option of digging a hole and shaping it as a fire pit will appeal to those who want to keep the flat surface of the yard intact. What is more, creating an in-ground fire pit has an additional important practical advantage. Due to the fact that the walls are not in contact with the outside part, heat is easier to maintain in it. Fire is not affected by wind which is also safer.

The choice of an in-built fire pit is also more suitable for a sloped terrain. Building it is easier. If you want it to stand out, build a couple of stairs underneath, also tiled with Ivailovgrad stone.



как се изгражда барбекю



ивайловградски гнайс за барбекю



Tiling for the fire pit

You can use gneiss clippings for tiling which are the cheapest and easiest to shape. You can also opt for polygonal slabs which will give the structure a vintage appeal.

Layout around the fire pit

We already mentioned a few stairs in case that the fire pit is dug on a slope.

For all fire pits, it is important to create an area to relax and consume the food prepared in the fire pit. Small benches together with a table are very functional. You can also tile parts of them, as the tops, with gneiss to achieve a uniform design.

For a more romantic atmosphere, build a water structure – a small pool with a waterfall or a brook. This way you will always feel completely immersed in nature.