Masonry with gneiss stone for strong stone walls

The beauty of a mighty and strong stone wall has attracted people for centuries. The Mason workers have always been one of the most respected members of society and their work and art still stands today with all its strength and stability. If you visit the Rhodope mountains you will see all the stone houses with massive walls which stand out and which stimulate today’s builders to create similar projects and to search for suitable masonry stone from gneiss.


камъни за градеж


The stone materials from Valmarg Stone

The products offered by Valmarg Stone include everything you need in order to build a massive and beautiful home out of all-natural materials, including: stones for building and stones for cladding.  This will allow you to build the main construction of your house as well as design the interior with gneiss flooring and cladding combined with other stone constructions such as pathways, benches, sitting places and beautiful stone barbecue.

The stone which can be used for building offered by Valmarg Stone has a golden-beige hue. Its width and length is about 20cm and the thickness is almost the same – between 18 and 20cm.




You can choose between stone in two different hues: golden-beige or silver-grey for the flooring. The golden-beige will complement the color of the building stone. The thickness of the gneiss materials suitable for flooring is between 3 and 5cm. The length of the gneiss slates varies which gives you an option to create a traditional Bulgarian look for your new home by combining slates of different sizes and lengths.

We suggest that you use gneiss cuttings or bones from Valmarg Stone for the cladding. The cuttings have a thickness of 1-1.5cm and the bones are up to 4cm thick. The cuttings come in different sizes and the bones have a length of up to 40cm and a width of 3-5cm



камъни за зидария


Constructions made of masonry stones

Apart from using them for building the walls of your home you can also use the masonry stone for building smaller walls which will divide the area or which create a separate place offer relaxation outdoors. You can form arches which will add to the uniqueness of your design. Stone benches and tables are solid and beautiful too. Add appropriate lighting to complete your ensemble and to light up the beautiful and solid stone used for your special place.



гнайс за стена


How to build stone walls and spaces – with or without a soldering stone mixture

You need to think twice if you plan on relying on the proper positioning of the stones to keep your wall or construction stable and strong. Instead, consider using an appropriate soldering or adhesive material to keep the stones together and the construction strong for a long time. By using a mixture such as mortar you will ensure that the stones stay stuck firmly together to keep the construction strong.

If you plan on using mortar as a binding material you need to ensure that there is a concrete wall dug into the ground at about 20cm as a basis for the wall.

Stone walls without a binding material are easy to maintain because if one or more of them get misplaced due to ground movement, you can easily fix the wall or rebuild it with the same stones. Apart from that, there is no need for a concrete wall to be used as a basis for such a wall made out of loose rocks.

One possible problem is that the height of such a wall cannot be higher than 120cm.