Reasons to Use Gneiss

wall of gneissGneiss is a metamorphic rock, famous for its great strength and durability during  temperature change; it also has a rough,  non-slippery  surface. These qualities of the gneiss make it ideal for usage in in construction, revetment, putting of flooring and decoration of exterior and interior spaces.

Gneiss guarantees stable and long-lasting results. Available for usage in either raw form or processed. The presence of various colors is determined by the mineral composition of the rock. Due to it,  the stone varies from warm beige with golden nuances  and light milky brownish to silvery-gray and enigmatic granite color.

Perfect for outdoor flooring, wall coverings and decorative purposes, gneiss is widely used both in the design of single-family homes, villas, restaurants, and in large-scale construction, such as hotels and leisure and sports centers. Gneiss facings and pavements give mysterious, yet innocent charm, unique comfort and luxury finishing touch to every idea for a more beautiful home and garden, and practical housing and public space.

Due to its properties and diverse applications, gneiss is one of the most requested building materials on the market.  It also has a relatively low price and good durability parameters. You can buy it  directly from the producers, processors and traders in the form of: cut stones, polygonal plates,( the way they are mined), linings, trimmings and bones.

facing stones of gneissFrom a very long time, gneiss is widely known and is used in the cladding stones of many houses, public buildings and pavements. People have used it for centuries to make their yards more beautiful and their homes – more durable. In Bulgarian, entire villages, with antique buildings, are made of gneiss. Also, gneiss houses can be seen in the ethnographic complex Etara. Undoubtedly, these places will remain for many years to come, because of the lasting qualities of gneiss. The stone has also preserved the sentiment and the beauty of the Bulgarian lifestyle and culture.
Nowadays, more and more people turn to gneiss for cladding and flooring, because as a result, their homes become more comfortable and warm. When you enter a place, lined with gneiss, you will, undoubtedly, feel the spirit and atmosphere of a time, long gone, but still, closely connected to the present;  a place, that has preserved the memory of Bulgarian family life and Bulgarian traditions.

Gneiss is an extremely sturdy stone, composed of granite. It is also resistant to mechanical impacts and pressures, which makes it suitable for flooring.

The price of gneiss is not high, as it is mined and processed easily. Moreover, it is completely ecological, pure and natural product. In Bulgaria, the stone is gathered near Ivaylovgrad.


It is an extremely beautiful stone, also. Gneiss is available in different colors and patterns, according to the personal preferences of the client. It has a high thermal stability and fire safety.

beautiful tiling gneissThe stone is not susceptible to chemical reactions and impacts and can withstand large changes in temperature amplitudes. On the market you may find it in different thickness and size, which makes it ideal for tiling and decoration of various surfaces. It can be placed both in your home and in the garden and is a perfect addition to your architectural project or interior design.

Gneiss is easy for processing and can be easily placed everywhere.  Furthermore, it is  practically eternal and does not deform with time because it does not age and it retains its qualities for many years.

Undoubtedly, gneiss is one of the most applicable construction materials, because it combines the modern and the antique, and for some, it represents Bulgaria. It retains in itself the memories from our past, it stores the nostalgia for the gone already years and our emotional connection with our ancestors; yet, at the same time, it exudes grace and admiration.

The atmosphere at home is an essential part of someone’s life because it affects his/her mental state. Gneiss is an ideal option for achieving internal peace and the comfort that every home should provide.
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