Gneiss for pavement – prices of producer of Valmarg

The natural beauty of the gneiss, as well as its other qualities attract more and more connoisseurs of pavementz offering not only attractiveness, but also solidity and steadiness to temperature changes. And for the matching elements of the interior or the exterior you can choose onr of the two shades of the Ivailovgrad gneiss material – golden-beige or silver-grey.


гнайс за настилка

Valmarg Stone offers gneiss for pavements on the prices of the producer and sends the material to the clients through Speedy.

The gneiss slabstones for pavement, which are made of the Ivailvograd area, are with at least two square sides, and you can also order cutting of the slabstones to your sizes

The recommended parameters and preparation for gneiss pavement

Valmarg Stone recommends you choose the stones for pavement to be with thickness between 3 and 5cm. It can be built on old pavement, but it’s comfortable for building on soil, sand and gravel too. When building on sand or gravel, the base must be even.

The gneiss pavement on concrete will create the natural accent at home, the yard, in the pool and at every other nook.

When estimating what quanity of gneiss to buy, provide also smaller slabstones, which will be used to fill the fugues between the big ones – around 10 percent of the quanity


павета от гнайс


How will you estimate what quanity of gneiss is needed for the pavement

Valmarg Stone offers the stone from Ivailovgrad arranged on pallets. On every pallet are arranged around 10 rows. Approximate calculation is done like that. Every row can cover one square meter. A.k.a. one pallet is enough for pavement of around 20 square meters.


Gneiss for pavement from Valmarg Stone

The products of Valmarg Stone are of processed and unprocessed gneiss, which offers the following slabstones for pavements.

  • Width 40 cm and free length
  • Width 35 cm and free length

The width is between 3 and 5cm, suitable for building steady pavements.

One more different idea of the pavements is arranging of the paving-stones. Valmarg Stone offers two different variants of paving-stones – the first are standard and the others are in style antique, with rounded tips. The paving-stones are with variants of sizes 10×10, 12×12 and 15×15 centimeters.

You can combine the polygonal slabstones with paving-stones. The arranging of figures of paving-stones in the centre is very effective, and around them you can arrange polygonal slabstones.


ивайловградския гнайс от Валмарг Стоун

High quality of the Ivailovgrad gneiss

The gneiss is a material with a guaranteed solidity and steadiness, and the Ivailovgrad gneiss deserves your preference with the higher hardness and mechanic steadiness compared to the gneiss obtained in other areas. Its surface isn‘t slippery, it is also exceptionally steady to harsh changes in the temperature.

How can you check the solidity of the gneiss material

You can make a short test of the stones for pavement, when you‘re choosing them, to check how solid are they. When knocking on the Ivailovgrad gneiss material is heard a harsh sound which is very clear. This is a sign of solidity and quality.

Another sign, which proves the solidity of the Ivailovgrad gneiss is the availability of the traces left from the cutting instrument on the side surfaces. The traces are obtained due to the exceptional hardness of the material. When cutting a soft gneiss there won’t be any of those traces.