Gneiss for glitz masonry

What is a glitz masonry

Глец зидария с кокали от Валмарг

May be you’ve been heard for the way or cladding walls and separate elements of interior and exterior which become modern lately – glitz masonry.
In fact glitz masonry is an effect, which is achieved by cladding, so that walls look like as built with real stones.
When someone looks at it should think that it is wall built by stones.
Nice effect, which is more impressing when, is used in interior for facing fireplaces, columns, chimneys or part of walls.


Which stones are suitable for glitz masonry

Gneiss is the best choice from all natural stones for glitz masonry. You could use serrated gneiss, which is additionally battered to become in relief or cutouts and bones, which are also very suitable.


глиц камъни от гнайс

It is important that stones on the back side should be flat that be easily put on insulation or waterproofing made in advance.
You’ll need a good cutting instrument for edges if you use bones, because you shouldn’t let gaps if you want to achieve impression of arranged in masonry stones.
Of course you’ll need patience but the result is rewarding, because once made the wall is lasting, impressing and became the most effective place in the house.
For glitz masonry you could use artificial materials which imitate natural stone. Their mounting is easier and faster but the impression isn’t the same and besides that their price is much higher than the price of gneiss stones for glitz masonry.

Sizes of stones for glitz masonry

One of the products ValMarg Stone offers is cut stones for glitz masonry. They are ready for use for glitz masonry which facilitates clients, because their installation became easier and faster. Stones are cut in size of 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm but the length is loose.
палет с глиц камъни от ВалмаргThese special stones for glitz masonry are additionally battered on every side. You have to know that the more battered they are, the more impressive they stood after installation.

How to choose quality stones for glitz masonry

As we already said the desired effect to stones for glitz masonry consist in that stones to be more in relief and rugged.
But do you know that’s the way you can recognize substandard gneiss – this is another very important thing you need to know when buying gneiss. It looks like stones for glitz masonry and don’t need to be beaten. But that should not fool you, because low quality gneiss is friable gneiss, which gives much wastage in installation and is not sturdy and durable.


кокали от гнайс

Low quality gneiss has no smooth side, and the surface is rough and flaking.
When selecting stones for glitz masonry is good to know that the more colorful and with more nuances, so stand better relief of the battered side, producing shading of colors.
When the stones are plain – only brown or gray – they do not stand out so clearly.


Where glitz masonry is used

Glitz masonry can be used both in the interior of the house and in the facing of external walls, fences and other architectural elements.
Very beautiful effect is obtained when combined with other types of facing of cut stones, so as to stand out more clearly.
We let the pictures from the video to speak for itself, and you can be filled new ideas and inspiration …


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